Monday, August 10, 2009

[Lawsuit] 090806 AVEX Japan's Announcement

Our Tohoshinki members, JEJUNG, YUCHON, and JUNSU have been confronting with SM Entertainment Co.Ltd (headquarters: Seoul, Korea), to apply provisional disposition to stop the exclusive contract effect to Korean court. Regarding this matter, the members have said, “This is a temporary injunction application, do not make any assumptions that TVXQ will be disbanded.”

In return, SM Entertainment Co.Ltd also stated, “TVXQ is not a thing such as individual or an enterprise, it’s a group that represents the country as well as Asia. We think TVXQ’s activities should continue.

From each side statement, it’s clear that both parties do not desire for the disbandment of TVXQ.

Meanwhile, since our company is coordinating with SM Entertainment in planning the future activities of TVXQ in Japan, “Basically we’re the (three) members legal office for activities in Japan.”

However, we have to apologize for everyone’s uneasiness and inconvenience, as we also feel the same way. We will work hard to support TVXQ in Japan, watching the warm future of TVXQ. Thank you.

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Kira said...

i felt so relieved after reading this.. both parties do not wish DBSK to be disbanded.. we, cassiopeians, will always support DBSK!

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