Tuesday, August 11, 2009

[Lawsuit] TVXQ's Lawsuit Leads to Postponement of SMTOWN LIVE ‘09

Due to the lawsuit from TVXQ, SM Entertainment (SM)’s SMTOWN LIVE’09 Concert was postponed.

On August 7th, SM representative said, “SMTOWN LIVE’09 which will be held August 16 at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium will be temporarily postponed,” he said.

With three members of TVXQ are involved in injunction application against SM, it’s impossible to hold a normal concert–as judged by SM–therefore the concert is temporarily postponed.

SMTOWN LIVE’09 main point is a major concert that features harmonization of various stage from all SM families, and the current situation is not applicable to do so. Thus for the sake of quality performance, the decision was made.

“As soon as we open the advance sales for SMTOWN LIVE’09 tickets, there were many good responses from public. We’re really sorry to have to tell all audiences this unfortunate news.” SM said.

For SMTOWN LIVE ‘09 advance sales ticket refund, please contact the G-Market (http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr/ phone number 1566-5702)

Source: Newsen
Translation: sharingyoochun@wordpress


Anonymous said...

WTF?!?! SM is just trying to make the fans of other groups angry at DBSK!!! God, I really hate SM, they just keep stooping lower and lower trying to save their own asses from this lawsuit. There's really no other reason to postpone the concert.

Anonymous said...

SM is being unreasonable, this is truly evil on their part.
i agree, why postpone the concert?
they just want the fans to go against tvxq...well heres a message on behalf of all the tvxq fans to SM....we are on tvxq's side no matter what and SM will see our black sides of they continue to harass tvxq!

Anonymous said...

UUuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggg! SM is so totally annoying. I agree, i will support TVXQ no matter what.
--Always keep the faith--
and I will!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to bother yall.. I guess this is my 1st post, please don't hate me u cassies, if u're smart.I was just surf da internet, n wondering what people say bout the lawsuit. sorry on behalf of my comment.

if we see it in business POV, there's nothing wrong with SM contracts, n I do think (as far as I've read) TVXQ is not being "victim"/the poor little men here (n I hate u cassies, made me think my idols as poor little men, they're not!). I do feel they just want more money (n I do agree, cuz I love them, oh Micky...), but they and you all shouldn't think as the victim and SM is the BITCH or whatever u've said SM is. You guys just don't know how many people work for TVXQ, and by TVXQ I meant a team of hundreds people (yes, that many, for real!!!in Korea n japan!!!!) not just 5. Did u know, if a group is getting bigger, they HAVE TOO increase the team, invite more smarter n talented people, n it COST a lot. And when they do get bigger, its mean the team accomplished something,their brilliant idea n song n tactics worked. they (the team) also get bonnuses, or even more, their paychecks are getting FATTER.

I'm not saying that those 3 is greedy, but, u guys (the fans) just like talk n talk n talk n hate sm n agree with everythin and those 3 (that I love) is poor little boys.

examples, do u agree, if when ur team n friends (let say there's the songwriter the smarty one, the composer also the smarty one, the legal team, the dance guru, backup dancers, the manager, the BOOKER, the sales team, the promo team, the recording team, the creative team, the makeups, the clothes, the props, the health insurance, even, yes they're exist!!, the fans managing team, the etc etc etc n do u think their salaries are low??? ) made u a song a brand and a name, n u sing it with confident because of them n u do beautiful, do u deserve get 20% or 25% from profit? n the others just got....

my oh my,u fans, really, love makes u blind. maybe because I'm not from Korea,sorry, but I do love Micky n TVXQ, n I do think what those 3 doin r stupid for their career, or maybe, its just a hoax,somethin that SM did (n TVXQ actually knew it, who knew) so u cassies have something to be angry about. cheers. please people, see INSIDE the 'box'.

Em said...

I really think Sm is trying to win the case by winning the fans too. Like 1. Trying to make the fans mad at TVXq instead of the company
2. Creating a distraction (New and 'better' groups)
3. Making TVXQ look like they're the bad guys
4. ETC

Anyway, i REALLY hope sm loses and that TVXQ will be ok after the case =(
Go Go Go <3

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