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[TRANS] 090717 Saipan Interview - All Members

Please Be Mine Saipan Interview - Junsu

- What do you think of Saipan?
JS: This is the third time I'm here but the vacation this time is the best.

- Why is it so? Are there any incidents that have left a deep impression on you?
JS: It's been a while since I've been to a vacation site and my mood is rather good too. There is ping-pong there and we played it for a very long time, it left a deep impression on me. Also, the members all drank beer in the evening and sang on a LIVE CLUB stage.

- During the promotion for Mirotic, you did alot of exercise. Other than playing ping-pong, do you do alot of sports during your free time?
JS: I have already set my heart to do sports, other than that, I also play games, watch movies, just like normal times only more relaxed. Sleeping too, and since I like soccer, I also play soccer.

- Your favourite sport is soccer? Do you have a team?
JS: Correct, my favourite is soccer. During our stay at Saipan, we played indoor soccer, it was very interesting.

- What did you do during your free time before Saipan?
JS: I went home and it has also been 6, 7 years since we had a family outing. We went to the beach, ate raw fish. Although it is not a very special occasion but it was definitely worth treasuring and I enjoyed it alot.

- If you have a special off-days, are there some things that is a must do? What do you think is the secret to spending your vacation happily?
JS: While being on vacation, I would usually wonder "I want to do this, I want to do that" and have alot of plans but when the vacations are over, I usually don't do any one of those. On the contrary, I would not want to go out and get a headache deciding on where to go. If I have time, I'd rather stay at home.

- Then, in the future, if you have any more vacations, what do you want to do the most?

- And to where?
JS: Although the main reason of us coming to Saipan this time round is due to filming, but I did feel abit of a vacation. Sleeping on the island, drinking coconut juice and have also become even closer with the members.

- Do you like places that are similar to Europe?
JS: I like places that are more soothing instead. Places with coconut trees seem to bring about more comfort. (T/N: <3 Be careful not to get hit by the coconuts!)

Please Be Mine Saipan Interview - Changmin

- What do you feel about Saipan?
CM: Although we have already came thrice, but I still feel that this time was better because it was really interesting.

- I heard that you had a few days off before coming to Saipan, what did you do during that period?
CM: I met up with friends and drank together, ate together and climbed a mountain myself. It has been about a year since I saw my friends so I used this opportunity to meet up with them. If I have extra time, I would also go for a few courses regarding singing. (T/N: Always hardworking Changmin )

- Do you have any secrets to spend vacations happily?
CM: Talking about rest, because we have gone through a full year of promotion and activities, compared to planning on where to go, I rather pass the days quietly. Other than meeting up with friends at night, I don't go out and stay at home to listen to music.

- While vacationing, compared to cities, you seem to prefer places that are more soothing?
CM: Although I rerally love quiet self-mediation places but if I have the chance, I would like to go to New York, a place where there are alot of people.

- Recently in vacations, do you have any deep impressions of anything?
CM: Driving by mself. Driving aimlessly, not really wondering where to go. If I'm around Seoul, I'll go back and proceed on to Incheon then going on to Gyeonggi-do then climbing a mountain and proceeding home while listening to music.

- Do you have any plans for the rest this summer?
CM: Although we did not have a rest this summer but if we did, I would like to go to Paula Paula Island (T/N: No idea what this is, directly translated) with my lover. The last time we had a family outing was 7, 8 years ago so I would like to go on a holiday with my parents and sister. I'm not sure if it could be fulfilled.

- If you had free time, would you like to do alot of sports?
CM: The members all love sports. I like exercising myself but I also like doing it as a group.

- Are there any incidents that left a deep impression on you this time round in Saipan?
CM: On the last day, me and the workers were chatting while walking, the members were sitting at the sea side at the far end and were drinking beer carefreely.I really miss that night's last meal, every moment has left a deep impression.

- Think about a future you?
CM: To be able to have a happy family.

Please Be Mine Saipan Interview - Yoochun

- Of all the things you have experienced in Saipan, were there any that left an impression?
YC: Picking coconuts to eat. It seems like I was able to open a few coconuts with just one move. This is a first-time experience. It held a real wildlife experience. And also, going to the beach after visiting a beershop. In the evening, we were drinking beer together with the staff.

- Do you have any plans for this year's summer vacations?
YC: We must have our rest days first..

- During vacations, where do you want to go and with whom?
YC: I want to go to Switzerland alone.

- Alone? What kind of person are you?
YC:To be honest, I'm the kind of often feels lonely and that's how my inner self shows.

- It seems to fit an Europe holiday.
YC: I personally like Switzerland. For Europe, I like Brazil and Czech Republic.

- Do you have any special reason for your liking for Switzerland?
YC: I have come across some nice background scenery of Switzerland and I like them alot. After going to Switzerland, I'd like to go to Provence.

- If you have a lover, where would you like to go?
YC: I would like to go to a place with a good atmosphere. First thing that I want to do is to bring her out at night after a day at work.

- Which vacation left the deepest impression?
YC: I can't exactly call it a holiday. It was in Japan and we left for the hot springs. Everytime we go there, the memory is precious to me.

- During the activities in Japam, what would you do when you go back to Seoul?
YC: There really is alot of things. I would like to drink and of course my tolerance is not bad. I would like to see Korean staff overseas as well so when I go back, we can drink together. Although I don't really like a crowd but I can manage drinking with the staff,

- You don't like to go to a place with a crowd in Seoul?
YC: I don't go. I usually go out in the evening. If it's in the morning, I'd feel dizzy. (T/N: Ofcourse, since YC Isn't a morning boy!)

Please Be Mine Saipan Interview - Jaejoong

- What do you think about Saipan? Did you film a lot of sports scenes?
JJ: The things that happened were more than expected. It was a holiday full of interesting scenes and also, hardship.

- Were there any things that left a deep impression?
JJ: Because I had to become a MC, it was quite burdensome and hard, to be honest. (T/N: <3 We're here!!)

- Do you have any special plans for this year's summer holidays?
JJ: Actually, we had no vacations. But if we had the time, I would like to go back to my hometown and meet up with friends. During the rest before coming to Saipan, me and my friends went to China. (T/N: ZOMG AND NO ONE REALIZED?!?!) Although the time was short but we ate alot of delicious food and played alot.

- Where would you like to go if you had a vacation?
JJ: I would like to drive to different places. Not Seoul but to a quiter place.

- Is there anyone you'd like to specially go with?
JJ: If I had a girlfriend, I would go with her but it's okay if I'm going alone as well.

- Why would you want to drive there?
JJ: Compared to China, I prefer to drive to places. It's relaxing and comfortable. (T/N: wasn't driving stressful?!) I can also bring alot my favourite songs. If I like someone, the thing I would want to do would be to bring her along. Ah, and on our anniversary as well.

- What kind of music would you want to listen to?
JJ: I don't really have a specific genre for music.

- In your previous vacations, which one has the deepest impression?
JJ: Going to Paula Paula Island with the members.

- Is there any special reason?
JJ: It is the most beautiful island to date, and is a good self-meditation place. As we had to go there to have a shooting for a poster, it is a place full of good memories.

- Personally, if you go for a vacation, do you prefer cities or self-meditation places?
JJ: It;'s not either actually, I just like to go to a place. Even if it's not somewhere far, I like to drive to different corners. There is also another reason - because I hate the sun so compared to the day, I prefer the night although it might be a little dangerous. (T/N: Jae, the pretty boy who can't stand the sun XD)

- During the activities in Japan, what would you like to do if you go back to Seoul?
JJ: There is no special thing, just meeting up with friends and drink.

- Is it very stressful and troublesome to have security following you?
JJ: I'm used to it now and have already learnt how to face it.

- How do you reduce the stress?
JJ: Composing. Once I have the time, I would compose and relieve my stress at the same time.

Please Be Mine Saipan Interview - Yunho

- What do you think about Saipan?
YH: Although we have been exercising the whole day but it is rather interesting to film in such a carefree environment. When the shooting ends and we drink together with the staff, play ping-pong and swim at night. It was really enjoyable. Although we are always shooting and filming and we feel tired but we will show everyone our comfortable and enjoyable self and let the fans who see this feel like coming here as well. That is why letting everyone see our genuine self is not something bad.

- During this period, are there any things that left a special memory?
YH: It's swimming and playing basketball in the water with the staff. We also played hide-and-seek, ate and chatted freely together. It really is a deep impression. (T/N: Omg, hide-and-seek, dorky them XD) It is just like going to the army with my friends. Our members have never ended army during their university period but it really feels like army.

- Do you have any special plans for this summer vacation?
YH: If I am unable to go to Las vegas, I would like to go Jeju Island. If there is still time after the shooting today, I would like to go to a clean place to walk around. To be able to go to a place where not many Koreans know isn't too bad. Our country has alot of beautiful places to go but there are also alot of places that we haven't went.

- Where would you usually go during a vacation?
YH: This time we went back to Gwangju Metropolitan City. Firstly, I went to pray to the ancestors and then proceeding to the elder village and gave my grandparents delicious food. I ate with my family and went back to my former school. Actually, because my parents like to help others, I have learnt to do that unconsciously as well.

- Which part of Seoul do you like the most?
YH: Since I was born in Jeolla-do, so I have deep feelings for Jeolla-do. But I also like Seoul.

- Do you frequent a place in Seoul?
YH: I occasionally go to Seoul Tower. I'd go to the roof by myself and since I like the sea, I would also go to the seaside with my friends.

- If you have a lover, where is a must go place?
YH; Of course a tourist attraction especially the Santorini Island. If I go with my girlfriend, it would be very romantic. I would also like to bring her home and let her see the place I was born in. (T/N: -raises hand- , me please!)

- Is there a place that has left a deep impression?
YH: I remember going to the nami Island in Chuncheon with 6 boys wearing high school uniform last year. I like going out with a bunch of guys. Riding a motorcycle, sitting on a boat is a very recent interesting vacation memory.

- During the activities in Japan, what would you do in Korea if you go back? Of course it is if you have the time to.
YH: To go out with my members and friends. As we hardly have any time so I would like to go out and play when there is time. But in reality, time that actually belongs to yourself is never there. Ah~ I would also go for a holiday and go bowling.

- Alot of popular people will leave a long impression on others. What does Yunho want to be?
YH: To be able to enjoy life every day, even if it's hard, I would work hard. Although I don't really like leading life to be too ideal but comapred to a 100 dreams, I think it is better to have a 1000 dreams. For goals, I must have a 1000% determination and work hard even if I can't achieve that much but at least I would reach 999% so I will use all my strength before I succeed. In the future, I would like to become the responsibility of those who want to be able to become the driving force of our country, but until now, there are those who are finding a hard time find an opportunity. Although I am unable to see the results of the future right now, but if I start working hard now, I will become proud of myself one day, right?

- Are you contented with your life now?
YH: When I just started, it was quite hard and it wasn't easy to get used to it. I would also occasionally suspect if I did the wrong decision. Because my surroundings are gradually changing, I feel that life is abit wild at the end. I will work hard until I am able to do very good.

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