Monday, August 03, 2009

[TRANS] 090803 [China's Search] China is Strongly Protesting to TVXQ's Disbanding Rumor

Korean popular group TVXQ recently met some conflict with their management company, creating a disbanding rumor that drew lots of attention from fans. On the 2nd of August, it was said that on the search ranking on China's Baidu, 1st was 'TVXQ disbanding.'

TVXQ, a vocal group composed of five men who debuted in 2004 and had since been getting lots of attentions from fans from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia - a group that has a lot of popularity in the whole of Asia.
They had placed their attention on the activities in Japan, learning and living in Japan since then, having 29 singles since their debut 5 years ago and most of their singles are appearing on many shows and radio.

Last 31st of July, three members of the group sued their agency, SM Entertainment on the name of canceling one of their contract terms. After this news was released, the Korean media started the rumor saying that the group would be disbanding.
Such posts soon appeared in Baidu; "disbanding crisis," "disbanding possibility," "disbanding in August." The reason of these happenings is because the group had decreased most of their Korean activities, placing their attention in Japan and some members having to open cosmetics shops. It was said that the concert in September or in October that would be held in Shanghai would be the group's last activity together. Korea's legend of five years would then disband from there.

Comments to such articles were "Could be?" "They can't disband!" "TVXQ are only 5 together!" "Cassiopeia believe!" and other comments found were rather fierce.TVXQ's bulletin board were full of these comments ever since the news was reported.

Also, there were some theories based on the boys' recent activities that made others think they were heading for disbandment. The whole Asia is still watching for the fate of this group.
Source: Yahoo! Japan
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