Friday, August 07, 2009

[Lawsuit] DBSK Angered by Influence of Slander

"Don't mention any troubles between the members."
Misunderstanding due to their mysterious close acquaintances

DBSK members are angered by false truths being reported and the influence this has caused.
On the 6th, the lawyer representing the three members stated, "there have a rampage of statements given by people who were reported to be close acquaintances. The speculative and slanderous reports by them are distorting this situation. They have appeared and discussed issues such as motives for the lawsuit but they all possess some misunderstandings about the issue. Acquaintances are only acquaintances, they are not DBSK members. There is no troubles between the members. Members are not happy about what they are hearing.

Through their lawyer, the three members recently forbid all their close acquaintances from talking about this issue. Not only did all members change their contact information, they have expressed their intentions not to publicly speak about their official stance for a while. This can be seen as decisions due to the troubles that slips of tongues has caused.

The reason that DBSK members have forbid their acquaintances from talking is due to the start of rumors about troubles between the members. They have expressed multiple times that there are no troubles. However, a close friend of the members revealed that there was some trouble between the members who filed for lawsuit and the 2 members who did not. There was also rumors that after the Thailand concert, the members hunt out separately and that they acted separately even in Korea. These rumors were found to be groundless. DBSK members left to Japan on the 6th and as always, arrived to the airport in one van.

The same thing can be said for rumors that the 3 members filed for lawsuit without consulting the other two members. This time, a 'close acquaintance' of the two members showed up stating that the makeup company was the reason for this lawsuit and that the 2 remaining members remained silent in order to avoid disbandment. This acquaintance reported that if the situation worsened, the two members would file for compensations to SM and the three members.

These rumors cannot be confirmed, and moreover can make the situation worse. The lawyer and SM both revealed that these rumors are false. A staff reported, "the situation is very sensitive. The situation changes by the minute. The act by the members to forbid their close friends from talking was unavoidable."

T/N: More reasons to take all the articles very lightly. Also, the members won't be giving out official reports anytime soon, so I think we all should just wait and see where this takes...

Original article can be found here
Article credit: Kim Sung Han @ sports hankook (한국일보)
Translation credit: j.adore @ soompi
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