Saturday, August 22, 2009

[Lawsuit] 090821 SM "We've Lost 15 Billion Won+ In Image Damage Because Of This Trial"

SM Entertainment (SME) stated that they were the only ones who received damages because of the request for the suspension of TVXQ's exclusive contract.

On the 21st at 10:20 am, the first hearing for the lawsuit between SM Entertainment and the three members of TVXQ's Youngwoong Jaejoon, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, began.

During this hearing, SME's lawyer stated, "In the case of the three members of TVXQ, they don't have any dissatisfied feelings towards this lawsuit as it got them out of concerts and advertisements that they did not want to participate in," and "But in the case of SME, they had to pay compensation for said canceled events and future scheduled events with 8 billion Won to pay domestically and 15 billion Won to pay if overseas activities are calculated. Not only will SME suffer monetary loss, the image of SME has also been hit because of this trial."

SME's lawyer stated that the focus of this lawsuit was not the period of the exclusive contract or the unfair income division, but the cosmetic company that the three members were involved with. He explained that the only two reasons SME asked the three members not to participate in such a venture were because such a venture went against their exclusive contract and because the venture could hit TVXQ's image in a negative way.

SME's lawyer also said, "In reference to the length of their exclusive contract, the special quality of the entertainment business needs to be considered," and "Even in the recommended exclusive contract guidelines released recently, there are exceptions when it comes to singers."

He also said, "The three members claim that they never were told of exactly how much they earned but SME revealed this amount to the members every six months and the members even signed these income documents."

On a side note, the three members of TVXQ filed for an Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against their agency SM Entertainment on July 31st. They also filed for a Preservation of Evidence request to be able to calculate the exact amount of TVXQ's income.

The three members asked for a cancellation of their contract due to the unlawful clauses in said contract but SM Entertainment stated that the three members were filing this lawsuit because of the cosmetic company they were associated with; both sides show no signs of backing down. TVXQ's leader U-Know Yunho and youngest leader Choikang Changmin did not participate in this lawsuit.

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FiFFy_Min said...

SME is trying to destroy our trust towards TVXQ...

Anonymous said...

DBSK has to win! Hwaiting!

victoria7130 said...

How dare SM say that the boys have no "dissatisfied feelings towards this lawsuit as it got them out of concerts and advertisements that they did not want to participate in"?? I can't believe this!~ Has the lawyer saw Yunho in the past few days? There were videos of Yunho filming his drama and you can see how much weight he lost and how dejected he is feeling... And he's not even directly involved in this! They are just trying to show us that the victim here is the company and not the boys... And I'm not buying that. If the company had been truthful and protective of their artists the boys wouldn't have filed any law suit.
I mean look at JaeJoong... He has tattooed the name of the band on his back and everybody knows how much he loves DBSK. And now the company is trying to tell fans that actually he is not upset by the law suit because he didn't want to be in a concert or in an advertisement anyway?? Have these people gone insane???
DBSK fighting!~ We are supporting you no matter what!
The boys know what's best for them as long as they are truthful to themselves I will support them. And I know that their hearts are in the right place. And as long as the SM lawyer complains about the money that the company lost I can tell that the company is not the victim here. They are only thinking about money, as always.
Go DBSK, sue the shit out of SM!~

Xiao.Lin.Lei said...

I am scared...
I know I should believe in DBSK...
But this lawsuit isn't looking good.
anything but dis-banding...

Levaythos† said...

Omg! If im in korea now, i would have burn SM down to ashes!!

Damn SM!!!!!! DBSK will kick your asses!!!!!

Fight Fight DBSK!!!

^.^ Angie ^.^ said...

to Victorai: Relax girl!

title is catchy...
oh well.

bubbletea19 said...

Everytime sm opens its big mouth---all that comes out are BIG FAT LIES...
I could not agree more with everyone else that has commented.
Seriously, sm should have just taken care of this ridiculous 13-year exclusivity[slave]clause behind closed doors before they drove the boys to the last resort of a lawsuit.

I mean come on! of all people--sm should know better than anyone that they CANNOT try to convince us Cassies and International Fans to turn against our beloved DBSK.

We know DBSK is the one thats actually hurting and NOT sm...

Its so disappointing/disgusting that they can lie so blatantly to fans saying sm is in the red when they were obviously making tons in profits if lsm goes around buying new and extravagant double-occupancy officetels.. .

Do they take us fans for a 바보??


sm&lsm: both need to learn some freakin business ethics ..SOON.. if you don't want these lawsuits to become a common occurrence amongst their remaining kpop groups


so sorry if i wrote too much DBSKer. i really really really just had to vent because this ent company is getting on my last nerve.

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