Sunday, January 06, 2008

[NEWS] 080103 TVXQ Member Quietly Joins Taean Clean-up

TVXQ Member Quietly Joins Taean Clean-up

ChoiKang Changmin, better known as Max of Korea’s hottest idol group TVXQ, has quietly lent a helping hand to Taean County which was devastated by the nation’s worst oil spill last month.

His secret volunteer work was revealed when a volunteer posted his sighting of Changmin on the TVXQ fan site. The person who saw Changmin wrote on the posting that it was a big surprise to find Changmin among the volunteers. The weather down in Taean had been cold and snowy, but Changmin and his father had joined other volunteers in cleaning up the oil. The posting said that since no other TVXQ members were in sight, Changmin must have come to Taean by himself.

TVXQ had spent most of their time in Japan last year, but had recently returned to Korea for a short New Year’s break. TVXQ’s agent confirmed that Changmin had been in Taean for volunteer work on his first day back from Japan. He was not accompanied by any other members.

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nina-dbskforver[: said...

ngaww, go changmin ! [:

Anonymous said...

I read this on popseoul, which really isn't all that great but still.
Anywho it was so sweet of changmin to volunteer.
I always knew he was a good kid ^_^

jaesa said...

awww. changmin is so helpful!! such a sweet guy :)

Anonymous said...

He's so helpful even though,he's on short break..^^

Anonymous said...

gah...such a good person...really warms my heart...aha

alqasam said...

Such a nice thing to do when you are in a vacation and a busy artist without any promotion.

He is suer a good man.

Anonymous said...

Changmin is such a SWEET GUY! No wonder he has many fans who admire him.

Anonymous said...

i know, our boys are just too cute. they are nto like some celeb who do these stuff for fame n popularity. i bet he didnt even want ppl to notice him thats why he join secretly. i heard JJ joined too..poor thing. the netizen kept pressitin n said that he didnt go n thye made a big deal out of it n said that JJ was liein. i know that JJ went, he is a really carin guy n also because he said he went, i trust him ^^

Anonymous said...

Awww... That's really nice of him... :) Go Changmin!

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