Friday, January 18, 2008

Purple Line Rehearsal

Check out the moves.. Don't you just love it?



Anonymous said...

niceuh niceuh~~~~~ i hope they perform this song in korea~~ actually i guess it doesnt really matter where they perform it since im in the states~ buuuUuUUTtt irregardless~~ very nice~~~~

kimmie said...

wahhhh~ so hot! i saw this somewhere eslse but they are so gooooood! oh and note: there's a performance of the new single up on now ( <--Check it out
it's really really good for their first time but don't be surprised at yunho's rapping voice..he did well ^_____^ hahah can't wait for the mv to come trying to find out what's happening with it...

Srey-Leak said...

There is a LIVE of Purple Line on Music Station (I think)

http// (Friend's Blog)

Lina said...

OK...I've got nothing to do...and I refuse to authorize my own comments. XD

The beginning when they were swaying their oh-so-sexy-hips to TELL ME, I was laughing with my hands over my mouth Jaejoong-style. And Yoochun goes "Shi-chan" before they start dancing..*plonks on floor from mega-cuteness*

Purple Line dance is SOOOOOO sexy there's no words to describe it. Now, if only they'll show the damn full PV already!

Anonymous said...

Changmin was really good when he danced to Wonder Girls' Tell me...The dance steps for "Purple Line" is really cool esp the beginnin...Yoochun and Yunho danced really well!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! i'm speechless.....what a HOT dance routine! first of all, they dance so well...all in sync. it's as if a line is pulling them all at the same time. Yoochunnie's hip actions are no doubt so very hot...and i love Yunho's solo. Minnie's long legs....ahhh! this dance showed it all...!! DBSK FIGHTING!!!

Anonymous said...

wow I'm blown away, great one

thanks lynn,


Anonymous said...

may i know where to download this video?
love it so much

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