Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stiff Competition

Artistes Releasing Singles The Same Week As THSK Solo Singles

080206 Trick (Changmin)

080213 Trick (Yoochun)
EVERY LITTLE THING, Shonannokaze, Hirahara Ayaka, Melody, Porno Graffitti

080227 Trick (Junsu)
EXILE- YUI- Namidairo, Nakamori Akina, DREAMS COME TRUE

080305 Trick (Yunho)

080312 Trick (Jaejoong)
Toshi Kubota+MISIA, Mikan Akashima, Ken Hirai, Namie Amuro

Credits: TVXQF

Think they'll top the charts for the week anyway? Support our favourite boys please!



Anonymous said...

i jst hope dey do! cos u can tell its strong competition!!!

jaesa said...

why is jaejoong's single the last?!?! in march? omg T.T but i will buy all!! cant wait for it to be released! :) haha. poor changmin. i tink his competitors is the worst. kat-tun!?!? they're like super popular in japan..... and Lead. 2 boybands against him. geez >.< yunho and jaejoong one isnt tt good too. its really stiff competition for the boys!!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH! Don't you guys hate it when they do this kinda thing?! They get more money (of course); but it WILL put so much more stress to the boys than ever :''( And look at the competition! MORE STRESS;;;;;; At the end... People will be looking at the charts;; And then- !ARGHH I don't even wanna think about what's gonna happen inside their circle... T_______T MY GOD''''' Help them; Hwaiting~!

aleyna said...

I think this list of mine would be more accurate, since there are some wrong facts there.

[2008.02.06] Trick (Changmin),
KAT-TUN: LIPS, Yuzu: STORY, Makihara Noriyuki: Firefly, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION: Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu, RSP: Kansha.

[2008.02.13] Trick (Yoochun),
Every Little Thing: Sakurabito, Pornograffitti: Anata ga Koko ni Itara, Shonan no Kaze: Ogon Soul, The GazettE: Guren..

[2008.02.27] Trick (Junsu),
NEWS: Taiyou no Namida, DREAMS COME TRUE: Mata ne, EXILE: [title TBA], YUI: Namidairo, C-ute: Lalala Shiawase no uta...

[2008.03.05] Trick (Yunho),
SMAP - Sono Mama, Yamashita Tatsurou: Zutto Issho sa.., Ayaka: Te wo Tsunagou, Morning Musume: [title TBA], ORANGE RANGE: Kimi station...

[2008.03.12] Trick (Jaejoong),
Namie Amuro: NEW LOOK, Nakashima Mika: [title TBA], Berryz Koubou: Dschinghis Khan, KUBOTA Toshinobu...
(plus a few unconfirmed ones since it's still pretty early for March-releases).

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