Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bangkok Offshot Movie

This is a short clip form the Asia Tour in Bangkok Offshot in the Purple Line CD+DVD Version. Poor Su gets caked to the floor. And they get him a shirt that says "Sorry Girls I'm Gay". NOESSS!!!! I refuse to believe that.. Hahaha..

To wrap up this update, have listen to a preview of another song, Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara. Its has a really melancholic to it. Reminds me of Insa in the overall mood of the song.. Especially that SAYONARA.....!!!! at the end reminds me of Ahnyong in Insa.. LOL.. [4shared][MF]



Anonymous said...

That link doesn't work for me :(

Anonymous said...

The download link doesn't work. D':

Lina said...

frankly, I don't mind Su being gay. He's got the ass anyway. XD Plus, his eomma has always wanted a 'girl' so to speak. anything Su wants to be..he'll alwiz be hip-swivelling,duck-butt junsu to me. ^^

Anonymous said...

the link doent work said some this illegal?

Ladysu said...

I got the song from other place and i've listen to the song already!
I feel like crying already...listening to the song...
~...lonely people...tell me a little lies...~

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