Monday, January 14, 2008

Purple Line PV Making

Just watch it.. The moves.. Lovin 'em... ^_^



Srey-Leak said...

Woawwwwww !!

Wonderful Pv !
Wonderful boys *_*

Anonymous said...

SO HOOT <3 Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

HOT STUFF!!!! can't wait to get the third album. too bad it doesn't have the "Purple Line" MV. but still, it's all so good. just can't wait! they are all LOVE!!

jaesa said...

cant wait to get their 'T' album!! all of them look so hot in it. and the dance!! love it. lol jaejoong really has fate with birds. look at wat happen in paris with the pigeons. hahaha. thanks for the constant update on them! love ur webbie :)


eek! the vid isn't working =[

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