Monday, April 30, 2007

Tohoshinki's 11th Japanese Single Title

Lovin' You CD

Lovin' You CD + DVD

Tohoshinki's 11th Japanese Single

The boys announced that the title song from their new single will be 「Lovin' you」at their Nagoya Zoomin Super performance, 2007.04.28.
The title for the coupling song has not been decided. The single will also include a Bossa Nova version of 「Yakusoku」♥

「Lovin' you」 will be released in June, and the performance will be aired 2007.04.30 on Zoomin Super and/or 2007.05.12 (25:22~26:47) Nagoya's Zoomin Special.

The boys will also be appearing on Kanagawa's (tvk) Mantora News on 2007.05.04 (24:45~25:15).

Source - + Tohoshinki Official Website staff blog
Translation/summary - chocolatevoice@dbsg lj

The title sounds attractive. I wonder if it would be an up-tempo dance number or a smooth melodic ballad. Ahh.. Anticipation..


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