Monday, April 23, 2007

New Downloads

Just to inform on some new additions to the DOWNLOAD POST.

1. Choosey Lover (Shibuya Sun Mix)
2. Choosey Lover (Vocals Only) (Up for a limited time only due to limited space)
Where else to download: DOWNLOAD POST - Miscellaneous/Remix/Performance + MV Rips

KARAOKE MVs with English Subs (These are really gorgeous) MU links still pending.
1. Asu Wa Kuru Kara [MU] [SS]
2. Begin [MU] [SS]
3. My Destiny [MU] [SS]
4. Rising Sun (Japanese) [MU] [SS]
5. Tri-Angle [MU] [SS]
6. Hotmail [MU] [SS]
7. Red Sun [MU] [SS]
8. Snow Dream [MU] [SS]
(Also available at the DOWNLOAD POST)
credits to:
uploading credits:

MU Links:
SS Links :
silver knight @ bww2 + diana© @ Adorkable TVfXQ + Cyxion


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