Thursday, April 12, 2007

2nd Asia Tour Concert Animation

Yep.. Animated versions of DBSK. There aren't any conversations whatsoever so I guess its pretty simple to watch. I'll just summarise the story briefly in case anyone doesn't understand. It starts of with a really excited DBSK going to the theme park. Then they all have a coin each to spend on rides except for Max who only has a sweet. So they head for the interesting looking rides only to find that ladies displaying signs on the rides such as "Expensive", "Very Expensive", "Too Expensive", etc instead of actual prices. So disheartedned they walk away till Jaejoong spots a ride that goes for 0 (as you'll see). So happily they rush for that ride. Because of the excitement they hit the lady sending her sprawling. She in turn turned the speed to maximum probably wanting to make them dizzy. But some power surge/overload occurs. The whole ride detaches itself sending DBSK into outer space and leaving behind a burnt & electrocuted lady. That's about it. Seriously, I could hardly differentiate them at first because all the faces are similar.. Haha.. Enjoy!


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uknow_hj said...

awwwww its SOOO CUTE!!
thnx for sharing~
is there more?

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