Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2nd Asia Tour Concert Solo Audio Rips

Initially I wasn't sure whether I should upload these for you all. This is cos the quality of the rips are pretty bad. Its probably ripped from fancam recordings of the performances. So you can imagine just how loud the screams of the fans are. Maybe you already have them from other forums, etc. But here are the links. They would probably serve as previews for now, while waiting for the official ones to be released later on. (Maybe..I'm not sure about this. But knowing SME, they probably would.)

Junsu's Solo - My Page (Self Composed)
Yunho's Solo (feat. DongHae) - Spokesman (Self Composed)
Yoochun's Solo - One Last Cry
Jaejoong's Solo - Crying
Changmin's Solo - When I First Kissed You

Or.. Head to the Download Post to get them there.


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