Monday, April 02, 2007

Junsu's Birthday in Japan

Found this clip from areein's LJ. Felt that this clip is a MUST SHARE. The guys were so cute. I cracked up at Junsu's expression at the beginning where he squealed! And Jaejoong screaming at the top of his lungs. LOL.. (Click the link to watch)

Junsu's Birthday in Japan

Though there are no subs, areein provided some translations courtesy of luluchan from soompi plus a little addition from me (HAHA..not that I know Japanese)

Micky said "Did you see his face??"
Then Micky imitates him.
Then Jaejoong shouts at the top of his lungs HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
They then point at the soccer birthday cake. Flowers passed to Junsu.
Jaejoong is still shouting..
They start singing Happy Birthday..
Micky told Junsu : "Become a human"
But then he started to praise him saying "Junsu.. he's charismatic, cool, handsome ... he's perfect "
(Meanwhile Junsu is disturbing him: "YOU're NOISY!!")



Anonymous said...

where is the link T_T please advise
I want to see it... onegaishimasu...

Anonymous said...

my bad I don't use my glasses @_@ thanks for the link you rock!!

DBSKer said...

Haha.. you're totally forgiven. It can be pretty misleading. Hope you enjoyed the clip!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link I really enjoy the video,
Jaejung is in high of something but they all cracking up funny,^__^

Ja ne,

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