Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sports Challenges (Channel A)

The recent Channel A episodes brought us an interesting segment where DBSK takes on primary school kids. The challenges were simple. Shooting baskets for basketball, scoring goals for soccer and a telematch and most of all the prize for each challenge was FOOD!!! We all know how much DBSK love their food. Much humour came from the DBSK boys themselves as they tried their best to win the food prize. The first challenge is already subbed. I'll update the subbed links for the 2nd & 3rd challenge as soon as they are out. Till then enjoy! I recommend that you watch the links before reading my commentary at the bottom if you don't want spoilers.

Channel A (Basketball Challenge) (English Subbed)
[Part 1] [Part 2]

2nd Part is now subbed. You can now download the file from the download post.

Channel A (Soccer Challenge + Telematch) (English Subbed)
[Part 1] [Part 2]
credits: kay + tvfxqforever

Its really hilarious to watch our boys roll all over the floor groaning their disappointment, and jumping and cheering OH-SO-LOUDLY in the basketball challenge. They even resort to distracting the kids in order to win the food prize. Though the kids called them childish (not that they really cared..HAHA), I call them cute!! No doubt about it who were the adults though when they offered to share their food prize with the kids at the end of the 3rd challenge. Our poor DBSK had to resort to eating their own food (something that looked like crackers) which they brought in their bags after losing the 2nd challenge. AWW... My favourite part was watching Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu doing the hurdles. So swift and agile! Like little monkeys. LOL. But Junsu looked funny doing it though. Haha.. How Cute! Hope you enjoyed the clips!


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wawawa,,(^______^) I was looking for the soccer one, thanks abunch..
you really made my day...

Ok I watch it now.

Thanks for the Sub link on the basketball one, you are the best.


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