Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Birthdays In Japan

An extension of the previous post regarding Junsu's birthday. Now we get to watch the other 4 celebrating their birthdays too. These clips were taken out of their History in Japan DVD Volume 2 that was just released recently. For now I'll just provide links to watch. The user who uploaded them also gave download links for these clips so if you're in a hurry you can download it there first. Me? I'm hoping someone will sub these clips soon. Hehe.. ENJOY!

Part 1 - YooChun's Birthday
Aww.. Yoochun never fails to touch me with his emotions. Such simple acts brings them out in him. Love the group hug.. I LOVE DBSK's LOVE (for each other). It truly makes them special.

Part 1 - Junsu's Birthday
I've commented on this video in the previous post. Together with the translations. Love the fake "AAAHHH!!" by Junsu.. LMAO

Part 3 - Jaejoong's Birthday
I wonder wat Yoochun screamed about here. Was pretty funny... Haha.. I like the way they eat birthday cakes too. No need to bother about portion of slices. Just pick away with the fork.

Part 4 - Yunho's Birthday
In this one, I just love how the boys sang Happy Birthday. (Or Burst-day if you hear their pronounciation) It makes the other Birthday songs sound so dull. HAHA.. A few observations are that Yunho is rather sensitive to loud sudden noises.

Part 5 - Changmin's Birthday
Minnie looked so blur here. Haha.. So cute..



Anonymous said...

I want to share you a cool link of DBSK that I found,
as you have to approved this comment before it published, so i think it seem the same thing as i send you email. Really funny one..

Really funny one, they never failed to cracking!!!

Ja ne,

DBSKer said...

Thank you for the link recommendation. I was trying to find time to do a post on both the Channel A challenges. But you beat me to it. Hehe.. Btw, the English subbed video of the Basketball Challenge is already available for download in the Download Post if you haven't already downloaded it.

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