Monday, April 23, 2007

DBSK in Jihwaza (1)

Okay.. More links! English subbed too. Thanks to Ginaya once again. Though its not complete yet.. Watch those available first before they go private.. The unsubbed ones are complete though. Note also that the unsubbed and subbed links are split at different points. So Part 1 subbed is not necessarily similar with Part 1 unsubbed.

Some pictures as preview first?

Jihwaza PART 1

Part 1 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
A Hot and Wet Yunho.. Hehe..
Part 2 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
I can't believe they cut out dear Junsu's part in this segment. EVILNESS!
Part 3 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Teamwork solves the Da Vinci Code! DBSK HWAITING!
Part 4 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Junsu just keeps laughing as that woman hangs on to him. Haha.. I just love his laugh!
Part 5 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Micky is Miss Korea! LOL..
Part 6 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Yunho marries a.. Uhm.. Cockroach? Poor Shin Junghwan. Yunho's too strong for him. Hehe..
Part 7 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Haha.. So funny! they keep pulling away each pillows. Its hilarious to see them tumbling around.
Part 8 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]


Sorry I took so long to update the subbed links. Been really busy. I think part 5 was deleted. So guess you'll just have to watch that unsubbed.. Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn you are the best, *worshiping*. I been laughing with understand the any word they are talking about and now I can *happy crying* Thank you thank you……..


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