Wednesday, April 25, 2007

DBSK's Original Name?

Came across something interesting in LJ. Thought I'd share it here..

'Dong Bang Shin Ki's Original Name Was Oh Jang Yook Bu'

The ups and downs and episodes of DBSK before they were formed are revealed on Mnet's special program '21C Artist'.

DBSK has grown into a massive idol group from SM Entertainment's education and long practice, and with affective marketing. Any singer-wannabe would envy DBSK, but despite their legendary birth, their stories were quite the opposite.

Before, the group's name was not 'Dong Bang Shin Ki' but 'Oh Jang Yook Bu' [dictionary definition: the five viscera and the six entrails (of gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, the paunch, the bladder and the bowels]. Leader Uknow Yunho says with a smile "We came up with names like 'Jun Muk Go', 'Oh Jang Yook Bu', 'Dong Bang Bul Pe' which seems childish now, but back then it had a big meaning."

'Jun Muk Go' means 'A whale who eats legends' but it was disqualified because it was hard to pronounce. 'Oh Jang Yook Bu' meant to become a group that not even one can be left out, like such important organs. We finally came up with 'Dong Bang Bul Pe' (Invincibles of the East). LSM even went to China's director to get the permission. But 'Bul Pe's hanja (Chinese characters) were not pretty, so it was disqualified.

Uknow Yunho says "I remember during debut days, if we meet staff members, we should say our name proudly but we would say 'Dong Bang~' and slur the rest. Now we think that it's a good name, but it's regretful that we were like that."

Max Changmin admitted that he was embarassed of being called 'Max' infront of his name. Now it's a trend to add a name to the front, but back then, Hero Jaejoong and Max Changmin felt embarrased.

Hero Jaejoong confessed "KKW producer suggested 'Yeong Woong Bon Sek' (Hero in nature) but LSM teacher said that Hero is a better name. I thought it was a joke, but it immediately became Hero Jaejoong."

There were many hardships trying to memorize long names. "There were times like "Yoochun ah! Bring Micky' or 'Micky ya, where's Yoochun?'. Sometimes we would mix up 3 member's names. I'm happy it's becoming a trend now."

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Anonymous said...

haha... that's so cute ^^
Jaejoong and Changmin were embarrassed of their name, and its so funni how they got their names mixed up XD

Thanks so much for sharing =D

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