Thursday, February 21, 2008

Junsu's If../Rainy Night Comment

JS: Hello, I'm THSK's Junsu

JS: I'll be introducing my solo song [Rainy Night] to everyone

JS: [Rainy Night] is a song that has very gentle yet bright melody

JS: The content of the lyrics gives off a very sad and lonely feel

JS: All these factors meld together

JS: It's a very good so

YC: So you guys gonna check it out Junsu's amazing solo song is called rainy night right? *chunlish.dies at grammar*

JS: Are you here to mess this up?

YC: No, I sincerely want to introduce Junsu's solo song *yeah,right*

JS: It's a really good song

JS: Yoochun arranged the song

YC: The melody is very good by itself

YC: But Junsu's voice.Khhhh~

YC: Isn't very good

JS: What was that? *pushes chun away*

JS: Everyone, this is a very good song

JS: I hope everyone'll listen to [Rainy Night]

Translated by: Sparkskey


Anonymous said...


YC: But Junsu's voice.Khhhh~

YC: Isn't very good


Anonymous said...

What's the thing Yoochunie attacks Jun with?? A red vacuum cleaner??? Fire extinguisher??? hahahaha, so cute+dorky!!

zurui chibi said...

Haaah. thank you xD

Really made my day this one. I can't stop watching Junsu push Chunnie lol. Yoochun's accent sounds a bit better than usual though :/ But god, what the hell was in his hands when he came back at Junnie, screaming YAAAAA! XD Seriosly though, those two are killer doses of cuteness. I'm just going to watch it again and then crawl into a corner and dye with a ridiculous smile on my face.

~Chuu! thank you once again =)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i'm not a big fan of yoosu but sometimes they crack me up^^
need to go listen to rainynight ...

go junsu you rock ... dorky smiles^^

Anonymous said...

haha. I can't stop watching this. They are both cute and dorky. Love Micky's english. I agree with another comment that his english sound way better. They always crack me up.

me said...

i love micky's english.. *drool*

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