Thursday, February 21, 2008

TVXQ Returns to Korea in September

TVXQ will make a comeback on the Korean music scene this September after 2 years since they released an album.

TVXQ are one of Korea's representative top artists so it would be like the comeback of the kings. They both entered the American and Japanese markets respectively with success. Now the Korean fans are more excited to see them have their activities in Korea.

TVXQ who has exceeded the average expectations for korean idol groups, gained the top spot for the Oricon Charts in Japan and will also be releasing their 4th Album in September. Having received the award for the Golden Disk last 2006, they entered the Japanese market and their 16th single, "Purple Line" topped the Oricon Charts.

Also, they were the first Asian artists to get to the top spot on Oricon Weekly singles chart. An SME representative has said, " TVXQ will release an album in September and since they haven't had any activities in Korea for a very long time, they will attend the end of the year ceremonies and as well as perform for the Korean fans"

credits: JOINS & Rosa@tvxqsoul + j^o^y @AF.Net + lilcece@soompi


Anonymous said...

O.o Yipee ! a Korean album at last ! i thought they weren't producing anymore korean albums alrdy so glad they still are .their japanese albums are fantastic but since i knew them bcus of their korean 3rd album , i hv a greater feel & bond to their korean albums .haha .but dun mistaken , ALL their albums totally ROCK !!!Continue yr endless support to them !!! :)

zurui chibi said...

I'm glad they´re going back. I've seen lots of Korean fans mumble about the unfairness of it all >.< LOL. I should be the one mumbling about the unfairness. I haven't nor will I ever see them performing live ... I guess -XD ANYWAY. Thanks for the info! Tohoshinki hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! So happy to hear that they're coming back. I can't wait for their Korean album. September is a long way, but it will go by fast :)

Lina said...

OMG OMG OMG!! New Korean Album in my birth month??! I won't be home! That's SOOOO unfair!! Malaysia better be well-stocked with this CD when I get back (unlike T which was only 5 per outlet O_O )

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