Sunday, February 24, 2008

JJ talks with MC about ''kiss shita sayonara''

JJ talk with MC about ''kiss shita sayonara''

Q: When did you start composing songs?
JJ: About three years ago.

Q: Do you remember what kind of song you composed for the very first time?
JJ: It was a sentimental dance tunes.

Q: Where do you usually compose songs?
JJ: I do it at home.

Q: When, where and how did you compose "Kiss shita mama Sayonara"?
JJ: I worked on it at home for three hours before I go to work from November to December.

Q: How long did it take you to finish the work?
JJ: It finished in three weeks.

Q: Tell us your favorite phrase (in the song).
JJ: Sayonara~

Q: Tell us any happenings or behind story during the composition process.
JJ: I redid the melody line over and over.

Q: What was the members' reaction when they heard this song?
JJ: They said, "It sounds good", "You did well".

Q: What part of the song do you recommend the most?
JJ: Yuchun's narration!

Q: Is there any music instruments you want to challenge other than piano?
JJ: I want to try drums!

Q: What kind of song do you want to compose next time?
JJ: I want to try a medium-tempo dance tunes.

Source: Tohoshinki Mobile
Credit: TM @ Tohoshinki Lovers Forum
Translation: jasmin @ Tohoshinki Lovers Forum
source finder: ichigo


Anonymous said...

I thought this song was composed by micky yoochun ?how come it became by jaejoong ?

Dottie said...

Thanks as usual for posting. Just to share, Jaejoong slept for only 2 to 3 hours every day in order to complete this song on time! XD

Anonymous said...

i'm kinda confused ..did jaejoong realli composed the entire song ?I check the T special booklet enclosed tgt with the discs stated that the lyrics was created by yoochun & arrangement was also done by him .The music was done by both yoochun & jaejoong .So y is it become as though jaejoong is the sole composer of this song ?


Dottie said...

Dear Cryst; and Lynn, if you don't mind me explaining. Jaejooong is definitely NOT the sole composer of this song. I am rather surprised that in the booklet only Yoochun is stated because it has been much discussed, informed and reinstated that this piece is a collaboration between JJ and Yoochun. I hope my facts are straight.

Anonymous said...

oh i get it .haha .no worries .the booklet didnt only state yoochun name .jaejoong name is in it too .cus the interview seems to be only asking jaejoong as though it is his piece .so i kinda get confused .
anw ,both guys shld get equal credits for this song cus it totally ROCKS ! :) oh yah , thx dottie for clearing my doubts :)


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