Sunday, February 17, 2008

DBSK Thailand Yamaha CF

Our boys advertised for Yamaha (A motorcycle manufacturer) in Thailand....Here are some advertisements of them in a Thai Magazine and the CF is kinda funny too.Enjoy!

credits: Soompi and nikirex18


Anonymous said...

omg! i want tha mag!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that scream was just so typical jj! love it whenever he does that :)

although you can kind of imagine DBSK getting up to something like this in their spare time, dorks that they are !

zurui chibi said...

When I saw that CF, I just cracked up. XD I had to watch it a few times before I got it though. >.< (feels slow). Thanks for letting us know about this, Yamaha motorcycles are way cool, and if I ever get the hang of driving it, I'm gonna buy one! (unless I'm broke ^^')

Why is it that I tend to go off-topic? Everyone else can stay tuned to DBSK-wave, while I'm on at least four or five waves at once


ANYWAY! Kamsamida! (I'm pretty sure an 'h' goes there...somewhere... -.-')

Anonymous said...

The cf is awesome~ Did you notice the yellow sign that says "T"??? Maybe it's for "turn" or something, but... it's like their new album!!! (omigosh--new layout!)

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