Monday, February 04, 2008

Purple Line Full PV

I know everyone has been waiting anxiously for this! ITS REALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!! Ready to spazz????

Take note that its the korean version though. And probably a little different than the preview we watched.

Click HERE to watch and sing along!



Gem said...

I been waiting 4 it 2 come out!!

Where can i download this MV!?

Dottie said...

Spazzing, spazzing, spazzing... Paramedics needed... thanks for the translation!

Lili said...

aaah so cool! i can't believe it finally came out! such an awesome dance ^^
any info on the japanese version?

Wicked said...

Gaah!!! Omg thank you very much ^^ You know that your web site is the first thing I visit when I log on net? XDDDD

Anonymous said...

Finally, it's out!! i've been waiting for it! The Korean version sounds as good as the Japanese version. They look so damn hot in the MV. anyone have any idea which album this MV (Korean Ver. and Japanese ver.) will be in? since their Purple Line single is out already, it wouldn't be possible to be in there. i wonder where??
anyways, Congratulations to our boys with their new "T" album and for making it in the Guiness World Record. DBSK Fighting!!!
By the way, although it looks like i'm late, it's still February 6 here in New York, so Happy Birthday Yunho!!!

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