Thursday, February 21, 2008

[TRANS] TVXQ on being mature

“Through our Japanese debut, it was possible for not only our music but also ourselves to mature,” TVXQ said during an interview the group had for the segment “The Interview” of OBS “Show Report, Movie Report.

“We topped Japan after our third year. At first, we’re very insecure but as we accepted the local culture, we’re able to touch different world views. In that process, we matured,” TVXQ said.

The group also shared its experiences when they were still relatively unknown in the Land of the Rising Sun. Now, the group has a huge tarpaulin at the Shibuya Plaza.

“Before, we used to walk in the streets wearing training clothes but because a lot of people have recently become aware of us, we wear more presentable clothes as much as possible.

“During our debut, we just sang in front of 50 people but now, we perform in arenas that hold thousands of people. What we are today is a product of a process,” TVXQ recounted.

TVXQ’s “The Interview” episodes will be broadcast on February 23 and March 1.

Source: Joynews24
translations: krnloop.wordpress
Credit: ttenovy@asianfanatics + riz@Cyxion Foru

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