Thursday, February 21, 2008


Release Date: March 19, 2008

Contents included:
Members Interviews
2nd Album "Five in the Black"
3rd Album "T" Promotional Activities
A-nation LIVE (2 songs)
Promotional 3rd Album Release
Others footages

Credits: RedSmile,, TVXQsoul


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating so frequently! I get to know more about TVXQ's updates through this website! And I like this new skin of this website, 'cos i think it's neater and cleaner :) but also would like to please you to update any variety shows featuring them (if any) :D Just the name of the variety show will do :D Thankssss :D

Lina said...

LOVE the new layout lynnie! Looks brighter than the black.. XD

OMG!! I can't believe i'm gonna miss out on this! but..i'm actually cool with it coz there's no subs anyways. ^^

Lina said...

oh more thingy...i checked and it looks like i didn't miss much on the dloads of their new singles? or..hv u been really busy and don't have time to update? XD

no worries...i'll be frequenting so...take your time babes...


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