Monday, February 18, 2008

DBSK in SBS Miraculous Victory And Defeat

Here's the preview, I believe it will be aired on the 24 of Feb.

Yunho up against Kangin again, this time using only words... Can't wait to watch it.
But it's sad that JaeJung and YooChun are not there..... nevertheless the boys in Korean gameshow!!

credit : Soompi + berlala@youtube


Anonymous said...

wa !!!at last at last !!!I miss watching them in a gameshow ...i luv to watch them in variety shows but all those shows in Japan was all interviews & talks ...i miss the fun & cuteness that they show in gameshow .heehee :)

Anonymous said...

can you tell me what episode of this show has ALL FIVE DBSK member on it together???

ive seen a preview but cant find the entire episode!

thank you

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