Friday, March 28, 2008

TVXQ Credit Card

Members of TVXQ not only grace the pages of magazines or posters but also a credit card.

The said credit card, which has all of TVXQ members’ faces printed on it, is a commemorative item of the group’s Arena tour. Registration for the credit card started last March 19 at TVXQ’s Yokohama Arena concert, which marks the beginning of the group’s 3rd Live tour.

Source: Hankooki
translated: krnloop


Anonymous said...

OMG !!! This credit card is so cool~ >.< is it only available in japan ??? can i sign it up in singapore ???pls i hope someone can ans me asap :)


:)김방숭❤김재중(: said...

yes can we sign up in singapore too?
i want one..but will they grant us students? i really want to have one..
can anyone tell me more abt this?
tq very much

Anonymous said... cool..i wish i can have a credit card like that..haha..anyways we can do like that here in iceland maybe im gonna put theyre pick on my atm card...ehehe..


Kiiroyuki said...

Cool...!!! is it limited to Japan only? Or...???

Anonymous said...

i think its limited to japan only...

Anonymous said...

omg!! they are so famous
seems like the first famous group in southeast asia
they should be lucky having there faces stuck on there
i'll probably order my self one!

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