Friday, March 28, 2008

TVXQ to star in Movie 'HIP HOP'

The group of 5 Korean guys, TVXQ, will be playing in a production film of the Eightpeaks company, titled "Hip Hop".

According to the report that was taken from Korea Starnews website on January 4th, the Eightpeaks company which was represented by Song Bin Jun on January 4th afternoon time in a TV broadcast [Goong] said this, (that the company) planned to present TVXQ as the main roles for the film "Hip Hop" which is the adaptation from a cartoon series.

Previously the company had had a negotiation with SM Entertainment, and SM had been also 100% agree to take this contract. As for now Eightpeaks has been looking for the person to be the film writer.

Song Bin Jun also said, the Taiwanese group F4 also will acts in this film "Hip Hop" as the guest artist.

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charlotte said...

This is old news le... since 2006, seems like tvxq have no time for that ...

Anonymous said...

*falls over*

||Asiian Beauty|| said...

NANI?!!!!!!!!!!!! T-T

:)김방숭❤김재중(: said...

i heard abt it and i think tht its great!
i really hope they'll do well..
cant wait to watch it! ;p

Anonymous said...

i think this rumor/news was announced/known since Jan 2006? it was supposedly supposed to be released late that year.

this was posted last year in a forum on dec 27 2006_______________________________
DBSK to star in a new drama

TV Drama Starring Music Group T.V.X.Q. to Be Filmed
by yodayoungie

A plan to shoot a TV drama starring the popular music group T.V.X.Q
has generated public attention.

On the afternoon of Jan. 4, Song Byung-joon, president of drama
production agency EightPeaks, said, "We are planning to produce a TV
drama based on a comic book entitled 'Hip-Hop,' to star the music
group T.V.X.Q."

Song made the remarks at a presentation introducing MBC TV's new
Wednesday-Thursday miniseries entitled "Palace" held at the Imperial
Palace Hotel in Seoul.

Song added, "We are writing a script so that we can release the
drama late this year. We have been in discussions with T.V.X.Q. for
seven or eight months. We have already reached a verbal agreement."

An official from T.V.X.Q.'s agency SM Entertainment said, "It is
true that the T.V.X.Q. members are giving positive indications about
starring in the drama. We have talked with the production agency
after we received its proposal on the drama. But we have not yet
reached a final decision."

"Hip-Hop," a comic book focusing on dance, is being written by Kim
Su-yong, who once worked as a member of a dancing team.

Credits: DBSK Exclusives@shin_yun

i think that this news is a lil unreliable.

Anonymous said...

cool!! im gonna watch it and then buy it after it's released in korea!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reading other people's comments, although the news may be old, but since april-san posted it up now, maybe they're going to shoot them film soon? I'm just guessing ^^;

Anyways, congrats to our boys! I'm looking forward to their new drama! and their newly-improved acting skills! =D

Anonymous said...

i thought dbsk was supposed to do a movie called dating on earth last year but people say that they're not doing it that it's not true.

Cristy said...

I heard on LiveJournal that this was just a rumor. :/

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