Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kangta (former H.O.T member): “TVXQ not given the credit…”

Kangta’s guesting in KBS Cool FM “Yoon Do Hyun’s Music Show” last March 26 was a fun and touching one.

The fun part was when the staff made an on-air call with TVXQ without Kangta initially knowing who was really on the phone. U-Know was actually on the phone but changed his voice and impersonated a hardcore Kangta fan.

“Who are you and where are you from?” asked Kangta.

“I’m Kim Won Joong from Incheon,” U-Know said, without Kangta noticing who he was really talking to. When U-Know eventually made himself known, Kangta was overjoyed.

It was also during this radio show’s episode that

Kangta praised TVXQ’s abilities and expressed that TVXQ is better than H.O.T.

“TVXQ is not being given the credit they deserve because they’re seen as an idol group.”

When Yoon Do Hyun asked what kind of a senior Kangta is, TVXQ answered, “Like a father. It’s very reassuring that we’ve got a senior who’s like a father but it’s really sad that he’ll be going to the army.”

Before enlisting on April 1, Kangta is going to hold concerts on the 29th and 30th.

Translation credits: krnloop
Source: Joynews24



Anonymous said...

Is realli so nice of Kangta to praise TVXQ ! It muz have been a realli fun time for both U-know & kangta :)

Gd luck Kangta !hope to see you again aft u r out of army !


Anonymous said...

wonder why they did that

Cristy said...

It's really cool that Kangta said this. I hope he'll do well.

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