Monday, March 10, 2008

[TRANS] Suju's Message to DBSK

A translation of Suju's message to DBSK after their concert

We have known each other for a long time, had a lot of experiences together.

Tell Yoochun thanks for the presents he sent, you choose it very well. All 13 not the same things.

Yunho, thanks for taking care of the lyrics, take care of your health.

Jaejoong, thanks for the time when you cleaned up our house, we'll clean your house one day too.

Changmin, dear lovely, little brother, thanks for teaching us how to sing high notes without being tired.

And Junsu, from now we'll often visite your pizza shop. Thank you very much for taking care of the record room.

Super Junior is still not good enough, even if for now there are concerts, we still have to ask you guys for advices. Super Junior is today because of DBSK.

Remember that Super Junior will try to become like DBSK!

- Super Junior

Credit: + jolyncsspf + ourland + TI + Ochibi-chan @soompi + lito_kitty @illustrious forums


Anonymous said...

o_O" Jaejoong has cleaned their house! lmao!! They are really close! It surprise me that they are the only 2 groups that are so close to each other! I don't think I ever heard that two groups are close!! hehe! Changmin gave them tips about high notes! yup! he is the master off high notes! XD

Maybe Super Junior isn't good enough but they are better now than they used to be!! the same with TVXQ!

Super Junior & TVXQ FIGHTING!!!

Kiki said...

They are really good friends...really honest and hardworkng friends ..that's why I love DBSK and escpecially Super Junior....I admit when I first saw SUJU I thought it was alot of guys, but on youtube I stumbled on their SUJU full house episode..I'm really touched by their friendship...and the line: before money comes loyalty is very beautiful said by cutie Siwon..aaaa HWAITING...

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