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[Trans] Pinky April Part 1

I posted part II a short while back. I missed out part 1 without realising is. So here it is..

Pinky April Part 1

Date of birth:
YH: 86.02.06
CM: 88.02.18
JJ: 86.01.26
YC: 86.06.04
JS: 87.01.01

YH: 184cm
CM: 188cm
JJ: 178cm
YC: 180cm
JS: 178cm

Blood type:

YH: A sister 2 years younger
CM: 2 sisters, one a year younger, the other 4 years younger
JJ: 8 sisters. I’m the youngest
YC: A brother 5 years younger
JS: A twin brother

Good/Bad points:
YH: Good point: Have a strong will Bad point: I can be gullible
CM: Good point: B blood type. Bad point is also B blood type
JJ: Good point: The space between my eyes is very wide. Bad point: Whenever TVXQ does a photo shoot, I’m the shortest
YC: Good point: Good at cleaning up. Bad point: My face
JS: My good and bad points is that I can be too enthusiastic

Favourite Food:
YH: Motsunabe
CM: Pizza filled with cheese and vegetables
JJ: Sushi
YC: Japanese curry. Especially when there are mushrooms in it
JS: Natto, I eat it as a snack

Favourite Japanese word:
YH: “to look forward to” (Akogareru) I looked up to my father since I was a child. However, I don’t know when it started but I now want others to respect me too

CM: ‘Don’t give up’ (Akirameruna) Once something has started, the thing I hate most is giving up halfway

JJ: [Miniskirt] HAHA. I’m just joking. It’s actually ‘Thank you’ (arigato). Because I always have a cheerful expression whenever I say it

YC: A phrase I remember from a long time back. ‘Piggyback’ (Onbu) If a girl says something like that, I really want to give her a piggyback. Usually, when you’re chatting while piggybacking someone, the feeling is different. Definitely

JS: ‘Milkway’ (Amanogawa) I like this word in Korean too

Something that still continues to surprise you in Japan:
YH: Earthquakes. There are none in Korea. I was so scared the first time I experienced one

CM: Seeing males cross dressing for cosplay

JJ: High school students/Office workers cycle wearing super short mini skirts

YC: Japanese females cycle wearing super short miniskirts! If my girlfriend ever wants to do that, I’ll definitely say no!

JS: Seeing males dress up as Princesses when cosplaying

Please say your slogan:
YH: [The man of all men is Yunho/ Yunho is the manliest] Although I have my inadequacies, but my dad does that (too)

CM: [Purple Changmin]. Purple has seems to have a weird image?

JJ: [Compared to a cheerful Jaejoong, I prefer a depressed Jaejoong] It’s not that I’ll nap in the afternoon; I think that being focused at night is the best

YC: [Yoochun likes piano better than coffee]

JS: [An honest Junsu. I want to become such a person]

What you want most now is?
YH: Leather gloves

CM: Time. Recently I watched an Irish movie called [Once] and started developing an interest in guitars. So I want to learn the guitar
JJ: A girlfriend!!!!!

YC: A steam cleaner (T/N: To clean the house or to iron his clothes?)

JS: Instruments needed to compose a song

What do you treasure/ What do you like?
YH: Photography. Members, family, friends and the 3 versions of our album

CM: My health. I sometimes worry for my health

JJ: Black things

YC: Sukura Sake. I first drank it when I went to a hot spring last year

JS: Game. I’m very addicted to DS games. I once played too much and cause something bad to happen

Ideal holiday:
YH: I want to go see the beautiful night scenery alone. I would like to think ponder over the things that trouble me about the future and now

CM: I want to get my license. So I want to go driving. If possible, I want to buy a car

JJ: Meeting friends

YC: I want to go back to the ski resort again. I went to one in Korea for 4 days 3 nights

JS: Watching movies, sleeping or playing games. Going shopping anywhere is fine as well. I want to travel

What household chores are you in charge of among the 5?
YH: Cook ramen. When I lived alone, although I made many varieties, now Jaejoong makes (the ramen)

CM: Keeping the area around me clean

JJ: Everything! I feel very happy whenever I see them eating the food deliciously. However, I hate it when they don’t finish their food (T/N: JAEJOONG IS SUCH A MOMMA. Memories of momma shouting at me to finish my food *shudders*)

YC: Making food for myself. Last time, I made cream spaghetti for the first time

JS: Cleaning up with the group. We rotate ‘dishwashers’ every 3 days. Within the house, I’m in charge of ‘smiling’. I do it happily. HAHA. (T/N: In other words, Junsu does NOTHING else but smile and wash dishes when it’s his turn =.= )

What you’re working hard at to become manlier?
YH: Reading. Listen intently to people

CM: Give more happy smiles. And to lift dumbbells at home

JJ: For fashion trends, I’ll work hard. And to exercise endurance. I’ll quit smoking from 2008 onwards

YC: I can also express myself by talking less, and listening intently when others speak

JS: I’m trying to keep promises I made. This is important

Your favorite THSK song is? And the reason is?
YH: [Hug]. Without this song, THSK wouldn’t be where we are today

CM: [Heart, Mind and Soul] from the first album. Although Japanese was still a strange language to us then, and furthermore, we sang it without grasping the full meaning of the song. However, when I listen to it now, I think the lyrics are really sad

JJ: [Summer Dream]. Because this song let many people know about THSK

YC: [Love in the Ice]. The first time I saw people cry because of the song, I really felt like crying soon afterwards

JS: [Rising Sun] Because I think that besides THSK, no one else in the world will be able to sing it.

This was found in their bags today:
YH: This is the handphone I use in Korea. I can even play games with it, and it's filled with photos that bring back memories. Even the private photos the members take of each other!

CM: iPod. I even bring the mini speakers around so I can listen to it anywhere. I often listen to music by BOYZ II MEN, etc.

JJ: LV Diary. I'll write down my feelings that any point in time

YC: This Tiffany bracelet was my first gift from my younger brother 4 years ago. I wear it around everyday

JS: I use this notebook to write songs or play online games. I even played games with the members today

Translation Credits: sparkskey


Psst.. April.. I don't think you'd like Yunho's HP. It has traces of pink! LOL..


Anonymous said...

dont changmin's ipod looks like the one he used in My Destiny MV?hehe ^ ^

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

heehee. notice how jj's good and bad points are all about his looks XD
and notice that he has an LV book!
vain creature. bwahahaha.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad JJ is smoking hope he can stop smoking is bad for his health.

Anonymous said...

i'm seriously so shocked in knowing that jaejoong smoked ...OMG !!! I realised that there are so many things i still dunnoe abt dbsk thats y im real glad to have such awesome webpage that i can check in everyday to c if they r anymore interesting news abt dbsk .Thank u to all the contributors ! Cheers :)


irenerei said...

same here ,cnt believe our jae smoked,but glad he determines to quit and hope he will really quit it.
when i realised it i was so shocked and shouting like dimwit,it just unbelievable!
pls do really quit on the smoking jaejoong~ >O<

airei_hon said...

can you pls send the original interview,i mean which u hvnt translate, to this email~ thanx~ coz my twin sister (irenerei) is so upset about jaejoong smoking issue.

Anonymous said...

I see I'm not the only one, that was 'O.O' after I read that Jaejoong was still smoking.
The whole day - I've had problems looking into this boy's eyes. >_< - and I'm shaking whenever I think about it, as my grandfather died because of smoking.
I really pray for Jaejoong to quit. T_T

Anonymous said...

"I'm in charge of 'smiling" haha. Junsu always make me smile.

Woah, i'm shock as the rest of you too. I thought Jaejoong quit a long time ago :(

Anonymous said...

In Chinese Translate is not mention he is smoking, I also don know which one is true?

irenerei said...

jus really, when you know the effects of smoking, u will pray,wants,hopes, jus do whatever to make him quit!
jus quit the smoke, jae!
dun jus be brave to say it, be brave to stop it also!!!

Anonymous said...

hontou ni kitsu-en no koto wa yameshimasu, jejung-kun!!!
kono mama ja,karada wo kanarazu,kizutsuku!
cassopiea no kokoro mo!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad!! i started smoking again.. but after reading the posts i think i'm quiting again..
Well.. something i didn't excpect is that somebody else treasure black things.. I was gothic.. so my cltohes and accesories are my treasure...
I like "looking forward to" too.. but in english.. i speak spanish..
these guys are so cute.... specially Junsu.. lovely lovely Junsu!!!

you Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I never even knew JaeJoong smoked! I'm so sad now. I'll pray really hard that he can quit because it's bad for his health.
He's probably been struggling with it. Hopefdully the members will help him out and support him.

(Changmin will definetly help, since he's so concious about health)

JaeJoong, we support you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new to this place. This website is fantastic, i've learned tons from it already!

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