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[TRANS] 080303 Bigeastation Psychology Test

I found this super hilarious.. So thought I'd share it with you all.. Another translation by the awesome sparkskey. ^_^


JJ: This is the Toho- Psychology segment. Without needing further elaboration, this corner is about psychology tests. So, let's begin

YC: I'll start first. Radio name 'Jaejoong ddaranghae' (T/N: Cute way of saying Saranghae. Junsu/Yoochun demonstrated it before I think)

JJ: I love you too. Love you very much

YC: Question: Here is a teddy bear. What do you want the color and pattern of the bear's clothes to be?

JS: I suddenly thought of it...I want it to wear.... a white turtleneck

YC: Khh~~~~ Turtle? Khhhh~~ What about Jaejoong?

JJ: I want it to wear an animal costume (T/N: Just imagine Jaejoong's hamtaro PJs)

JS: You want to make a sewn doll wear an animal costume? (T/N: I'm not really sure how to explain it. Junsu means that the bear itself is already an animal. So it's like animal + animal)

JJ: Yeah, what's wrong

YC: Really...

JS: But the teddy bear is already an animal!

JJ: Then it'll put on the animal costume

YC: Ummm. Both of your answers are rather surprising

JS: I know

YC: So, the answer is.

JJ: Was my answer very surprising?

JS: Isn't it weird enough?


YC: The answer is: This is the type of underwear you want to wear. How do you wear turtleneck underwear????????

JS: It'll reach your hips (if you wear a turtleneck underwear...That...I knew that this was going to be the answer when I heard the question

All: Khhhhhhhhh~~~~~

JS: Jaejoong... Animal costume.... AH! PERVERT!!!

YC: Junsu, please read the next question

JS: Radio name 'Akina-san'

JJ: Akina-san isn't enough (Oyagi gag: Akinasanwa akinai)

JS: The question: You are now in an art gallery. You see many pictures and sculptures as you walk around in the gallery. Suddenly, you see a sculpture that looks a lot like you. What would be your thoughts when you look at it?

JJ: I say one line

JS: What?

JJ: What is this!

JJ: What's this and why does it look like me??

JS: Is it alright? Just saying "What's this?"

JJ: Wait a minute. This might just be your reaction when someone you don't know confesses her love for you right?

JS: No, it isn't. You said 'What's this?''

JJ: Ah~ I don't have a good feeling about this

YC: I'll say 'How much is this?"

JS: How much is this???

YC: I want to buy it

JJ: For me, it's 'What's this?'

JS: 'What's this?'

JJ: 'What's this?'

JS: So you're sticking to 'What's this?'

JS: The answer: This is what you think when you look at yourself in the mirror

JJ: Not bad

JS: When Jaejoong sees his reflection, he goes 'What's this?'

JJ: Not bad, not bad. Saying 'What's this?' when I look at myself in the mirror

JS: What's Yoochun's answer. When Yoochun stares at himself in the mirror, he wonders 'how much is it?'


JS: Trying to guess how much he's worth when he's looking at the mirror

JJ: This person is soooo good looking. How much is he worth?

JS: Do you want to buy yourself?

YC: Confidence. This shows that I have confidence

YC: What about Junsu? When he looks at himself in the mirror?

JS: Ah~ I saw the answer already. If I hadn't seen the answer, I'll be thinking 'He's so perfect'~~~


JS: I'll think that my reflection is so cute...and earnest....


JJ: So, we'll end here today. How was Toho-Psychology?? It was really interesting. From the psychology test about the sculpture, one can see that Yoochun is brimming with confidence, I'm dissatisfied with myself and Junsu is lying to himself :D

JJ: That's it

JS: Thank you for doing such a simple summary


JJ: Please look forward to the next psychology tests! This was Toho- Psychology. Let's listen to a song./ Junsu taking on the main vocal position in a single that was released on the 27th of February. What kind of song is it?

JS: The rhythm is really.....lively

YC: Hurry, hurry. We don't have time

JS: Okay. Please listen to it

JJ: We'll quickly air it. THSK's [If...]

Translated by: Sparkskey

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.. ^_^



Hero's Heroine said...

this was so funny!
thank you!!
i was having a pretty horrible day, but then i read this and forgot everything! <3

Anonymous said...

omgsh you should hear all of the bigeastations with toho psychology. they're all funny! especially when junsu is there.. he gets the funniest results :P

Anonymous said...

So cute~! JaeJoong oppa, ddarang hae~! XD
I love this a lot! XD Thanx !
Can i post this in my blog?
ok? Thanx Lynn~! I'll credit ya~!

-Su aka ladysu

Anonymous said...

funny!!!!"He's so perfect!!"hahaha..junsu,you're such a funny guy..yoochun and jaejoong are hilarious..hihihi..thanx for the translation..

dbxxsk said...

LOL, I was laughing so hard with the whole gallery painting thing!! Thank you for posting this! I had a good time reading it =D

Anonymous said...

Lynn, i'm very curious! where did you find this episode of Bigeastation? i looked everywhere! please help! i'm dying to hear them. Thanks!

Ouge said...

Lmaooo I really laughed at this one!
ahhahah gotta love them

aya said...

Hahaha this is so funny.. i'm laughing like crazy.. i was thinking for the answer myself, and for the teddy bear.. i dont want to dress it in anything at all, bcoz i dont think it need one hahaha.. wonder what would that

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