Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay.. I'm re-posting this link again because I was just notified that Rain is in the lead again. I figured the old post is too low down and most people have forgotten about it. So please all DBSK Fans.. DO VOTE.. Everyday if possible.. I think DBSK needs this pubicity at such an event. so VOTE!


Scroll down and you'll see the picture of DBSK.



Michelle said...

hey, im pretty sure i read somewhere on soompi that this vote is fan based and is not related to the organisers of the committee. just to let you know and check out ur sources (plus rain fans everywher have been shouting that rains alreadi got the gig -.-")

Anonymous said...

heh does it mean that this voting is only to see if DBSK or rain is more popular ?I still thought they would have a chance to perform in the Beijing Olympics ..

Well ,whether DBSK is performing anot ,let us still vote for them & igmore wadeva rain fans say ...juz show our support for our boys !!!


||Asiian Beauty|| said...

Ick...RAIN. *jumps on Yunho's back* CHARGE!! Goooo DBSK!

CM luver said...

uh-oh, rain has a lead again...
i'm setting a timer for 20 mins and re-voting everytime it goes off.

Gluzen said...

good thing you posted this up again
yeah i kinda forgot too
i think i stopped last week because at one point TVXQ was on top... I'll continue voting now

Anonymous said...

OMG !!! Rain is in the lead again .wow .his fans realli act fast .last nite DBSK was still in the lead by abt 3% & now they are losing again !!! Come on ppl VOTE !!!


Anonymous said...

Last night when I was on, DBSK was on top of Rain, meaning that they were in the lead, but Rain's number was higher. I just voted a second ago, and DBSK was closer to him than it was yesterday.

That header though says something about Rain already having it, though. The translation was kinda shoddy, but that's what it looked like. Omggzzz I'm so scared.

Anonymous said...

Rain's going up by like 20 votes every second whenever i refresh the page right after i vote. dbsk's falling behind by quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

omo. our boys are losing by A LOT right now =( !!!
aaahh. but wait.
can someone js clarify the importance of this poll ?
i mean, i would still vote evry 20 minutes~
but does this have anything to do with the actual olympic performance thingy ? :/



Anonymous said...

Dbsk's percentage is going down by the day! ): We must not lose! Votevote (:

P.s Dbsk is <3

Anonymous said...

is the voting end up already???

Cristy said...

This poll isn't an official one; it's just to see who fans would want to perform, not who's actually going to perform.

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