Thursday, March 13, 2008

TVXQ Named Asian Envoys for Universal Studios Japan

[ 2008-03-13 ]

Popular boy band TVXQ has been named Asian envoys for Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

According to USJ, it has decided to designate TVXQ, which debuted in Korea in 2004, in Japan in 2005 and went on to debut in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, as its Asian envoys.

The appointment ceremony will take place on March 28 at the Universal Studios Japan located near Osaka. Once appointed, TVXQ will travel around Asia for a year to promote the attractions of USJ.

A USJ publicist said TVXQ was chosen for their international appeal, as they can speak both English and Japanese. The publicist also said that considering 70% of USJ visitors are female, it has high expectations that the popular boy band will lure many tourists from all over Asia.


P/s: Can speak English? Oooh.. Wonder who judged that.. LOL


zurui chibi said...

Wow... but does that mean there'll be no new songs/vids for a year? O_O Or will the busy guys manage to travel around Asia as well as satisfy the fans? XD And who the hell said they can speak English XD.. Ah, I'd love to see them TRYING to speak the language, their accents are always so cute ^.^

Gluzen said...

i hope this doesnt come in the way of their Korean album. I hear they're supposed to release the 4th album by the end of the year =S
Just when I thought they'd be back in Korea they're still in Japan.
Let's think about it this way: We have a year to go to Universal Studios Japan and wait for TVXQ to come ! =P

Anonymous said...

They can speak English..?

I'm highly amazed xDD But congrats to them anyway.

「TKJA」 said...

To me the one that knows english the best Is Micky!!!

Anonymous said...

wa...they never stop amazing me .They are always so busy ...this appointment would definitely exhaust them .Its gonna be a busy year again :)Congarts guys !!!

Speak english ?haha .I believe they can ,not so fluent only .Yeah ...they do have an accent when they speak english .Only yoochun doesn't have .The only problem i guess is that he is slowly forgeting all the words . XD LOL .

TVXQ Fighting !!! & do take care :)


Anonymous said...

juz like to share with fans over the world ...since we r sort of discussing abt DBSK 's english .haha :>

ever heard of DBSK 's A Whole New World ?I love the song alot .If u hear clearly ,u would notice yoochun 's english doesn't have the korean accent .In fact his singing is lovely .heehee XD

On the other hand ,Xiah 's & yunho 's english do have the strong accent .But don't get me wrong ,their singing is also wonderful :)

changmin's accent is astually very slight .Perhaps if he speak more english ,his english would be the same as yoochun .& of course ,his singing realli rox ! :)

Jaejoong 's english do have an average accent .Sometimes u hear it ,sometimes u don't .So ,he is sort of in the middle of everyone .haha :-p

well , DBSKer ,I hope u didnt mind me sharing my thoughts .Overall ,their english is cute ! LOL


Anonymous said...

I never heard Jaejoong(hero) use english before,just bits and a couple of vids here and there. But really the only one who does know english Micky. U-know's and Junsu's english is quiet good, I but I'm not sure about Changmin's

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! like real they can speak english...okay they can ...but not that will(execpt MICKY YOOCHUN).but that is not the point...

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