Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dong Bang Shin Ki with FUBU


Ladysu said...

Omo...That's JaeJoong oppa?
So sexy!!! So cheeky~!
Oohh~, feel like fainting~! XD

Anonymous said...

so! this is where they're spending most of their energies nowadays, huh! (these are the lastest, right?)endorse, endorse. nice! love it! gotta find it, gotta find! where? have to find it. anyway, you guys are the best! (what micky said) thanks! - Reef64

Sakuragirl421 said...

You know, I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. I was on a Chinese airplane from Hong Kong to Shanghai and as I was flipping through the catalogues, I saw a picture of them decked out in Fubu gear but it was really small. XD

I still find it weird to see them in Fubu cause I always associate it with being like R&B/hip-hop influence or even abit of a ghetto influence... Hard to imagine our boys associated with those qualities. XD

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