Thursday, August 23, 2007

S Mag Calendar

S Mag Calendar comes with the latest S Magazine.Here are some pics from the calendar

Credits:Soompi + Bestiz


llxpammexll said...

oh. those are nice debating whether to buy the smag or not.. i wonder if its worth the 20 bucks

and do you happen to have love in the ice just vocals?

isnt it pretty? :]

Anonymous said...

These pics of them are so hot! which s mag is the most current one? i was only able to get my hands on the August issue. i hate myself for not able to buy the July issue. if you're talking about the August issue, then how come i couldn't find that calender with those hot pix??

DBSKer said...

Hmmm.. I have no idea about the calendar. Maybe they're from the september issue.. WOW.. Im jealous that you have the August Issue.. ^_^

I have the audio rip of that performance I think. Its in the Media Downloads Section under Performance Rips/Remixes Folder.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you guys know if the photobook has all of the pictures for the 2007 calender? because for each of the members it just repeats september - december does that mean if we buy the magazine we only get one set (only one member)? or do we get a photobook with all of them...but repreating the same months? i'm confused.

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