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A SM insider talks about the fabulous five

" Leader Jung Yunho: A perfect socialite, he handles social scenes very well, not only it's due to extensive training from SM, but also has a lot to do with his personality and his family surrounding. SM was focusing on him since the begining of days because they knew he was something special. The whole : " I only became leader after JaeJoong hyung said he didn't want to be one" talk is all garbage, JJ's personality isn't suitable for a leader, which will be explained later on in this.

Yunho's very well rounded, and he knows what to say and what to do at places, even when he absolutely has to critize someone, he does in a low-down way that it's not dramatic, once back stage, this big time celebrity was upset about something, so he was basically cussing everyone out, no one had the guts to say anything because he was such a big shot, but Yunho came into the room, greeted the big shot and started some casual chit chat, they both ended up engaging in a light hearted conversation.

All five boys have great professional attitude, esp the leader Yunho, he's not the type that comes, does the gig and leaves, he will make sure all details with the crew, anything related to DBSK, he will and wants to know. he often cares for others, see how they're doing, perhaps that's why being the leader gets so exhausting sometimes. But he's really smart and very detail oriented, not to mention he pays attention to others, even when a crew member hurted his hands during a photoshoot, Yunho saw it and asked him if he was alright and if he needed help. Everyone truly likes Yunho. He knows the importance of his place yet he's very modest.

He's very caring toward the members, professionally, he does everything in his powers to make sure others work smoothly, so that's a load off of the manager's shoulder. Once half way through a schedule, he asked a crew member to bring a pair of shoes, I first thought Yunho just want to wear another pair of shoes, but turns out the shoes were for junsu, because Junsu had mentioned his shoes were too slippery and they had to dance later in the schedule. Yunho immiedtely thought of taking care of the problem for Junsu.

Yunho plays it tough in front of others, but there are times it's hard for him to hold back his emotions, behind the glam, he's a very sensitive, passionate guy, not after they debuted, once I saw Yunho cry, it was in a small room, his back was facing the door so I didn't see his face, but I saw his shoulders shiver, the members were around him. Changmin gave him tissues and Jaejoong was holding his hand and comforting him. The entertainment circle is a cruel place where people learn to toughen up, the tough will get tougher and the weak will only grow weaker.

Yunho's a nice guy, but he absolutely will not allow it when people attack jaeJoong, whether as a joke or not, once someone was talking about JJ in a way bad, Yunho stared the person down for about 30 seconds.. that sent shivers down my spine

Fun fact: Yunho does most of the socializing in DBSK, so he often had to drink.. his limits is 4 bottles of soju~~
Yunho does not have a girlfriend at the moment, because the company simply does not allow it, there are quite a few girls in the field that likes him, but that would kill DBSK's career and SM will never let Yunho gets away with it.

The five are extremely close, they're always playing together, once Yunho asked JJ to do something, JJ jokly said " if you dare to go kiss _____, i will do it right away.." . that person was a girl. then there was a time where everyone though Yunho liked her, Yunho laughed and said " what the heck are you smoking" then he hugged JJ .. the ending? all five hugging together on the floor

JJ likes to talk a lot, esp with people he knows well, no matter what he's taking about, he likes to describe it to the fullest, once telling a joke, he used 22 adjectives to describe a ballpen. haha. so sometimes he drags his stories, often in the progress of describing things, he totally forgets what he was going to talk about.. yet he's still loves it! at times like this, changmin would try to get to the point for JJ, and JJ won't let him. Even on shows, unless it was scripted prior to the show, JJ will often gets lost in his own chatter and completely forgets the fact that he's even on a show... makes the MCs so dizzy! but no one hates him for it, he has a good heart, friendly and easy to get along with. even to strangers. but he has his guard up when it's necessary and he knows how to protect himself. He'll chat your ears off, but never things he knows he shouldn't say. he has a habit of cooking.. then eating while cooking, so by the time he's done.. there's not much left.. JJ's smile is elegant and soft, yet the minute he opens his mouth he's a complete jokster, I don't think he smokes too much or too often. not sure about his alcohol tolerance, he seems that he likes to drink. once he was drinking for 4 hrs and came out looking totally fine. Yunho on the other hand, gets really red after drinking.. so does Yoochun.

JJ's really close to Yunho, often helps Yunho with any problems he has, sometimes Yunho feels bad lecturing the members, so JJ does it for him. JJ's the type that base everything on first impression, if he likes you first, then he'll like you forever, otherwise, he never will for as long as he livse. Not like Yunho, who likes everyone.. that's why I said before JJ's personality isn't suitable for a leader.

Yoochun's a true gentleman, he always opens doors for female crew members, let the girls go first when riding the elevator, through little gestures you can tell he's very much of a gentleman, sometimes he acts goofy around team members, but I think that's because he lacks confidence sometimes, he has lots of stupid silly requests, to get attention from team members, he needs to know that others loves him to feel secure.. ,maybe because he barely has any family in Korea, so he feels a little lonely and insecure. he's the quitest one out of the five, sometimes he's deep into his thoughts for hours, and he tend to let his emotions effect his work, that's why the manager's particuarlly worried about him in case they go solo one day.。

Junsu's personality is more edgy.. when he's cold he's very cold, when he's mad he's really mad, when he's playing around he play hits you hard, even though he was serious, but it still hurts! but he never hits yoochun because yoochun's really sensitive, once back in training days, he play hits yoochun, and yoochun cried.. so ever again after that. Junsu went through a lot of tough times during training days, despite the fact that he was one of the best trainees. once his voice went away, a lot of people who were jealous were all stumping on him. that was his darkest time.

Junsu's very strong and independent even though he acts cute in front of the camera, but off the camera he's much more mature than he appears to be on camera, it's said that if SM has plan for them to go solo, Junsu would make the first solo debut. Junsu holds himself and others to very high standards when it comes to music, he doesn't allow himself to make any mistake.. a perfecionist. Eun Hyuk of SUJU is Junsu's best, he will kick others butt for Junsu. once during trainnee days, someone was making fun of Junsu, Eun Hyuk came in and slapped him.

Changmin's the youngest, but he doesn't let the members spoil him, he's more low key.. even a shy changmin still gets into fights.. you wouldn't think. right? he's a good person to admire, because he's mature and he's deep, if he's not a singer, he is really capable of doing politics, he's young but he knows sometimes you just gotta hold your anger, fight for what you want. sometimes he's too mature almost, he thinks a lot.

Changmin's the one that the manager nags the least, whether it's school, work personality he takes himself the best, he phones home the most, but keeps it short, even though he's the youngest but he really takes care of other members."



Jessica said...

oh wow....thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Wow so much information!~ thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

ahh been gone for workshop for last two days, no access to the net huuuuuuu T_T.

Wow so many update gosh love this article thanks Lynn,for sharing this you are the best.

specially love the new photo of Jae here uuuuu super smexy!!!!, love the hair do!

cheers, Rai- Bali

Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing!

However, you forgot to mention that Yunho likes attention a bit too much (on variety shows especially, thus making him competitive), and Jaejoong cam-whores around very often (xD).

And oh my... Micky's emotional side is actually affecting his work?! How?? That doesn't make much sense... Do you mean that he cares too much about what other people think?

As for Xiah... I always thought he was this really easy-going and angelic guy who would never "play" hit anybody. Hmm...

lovemixin said...

aahwww, the yunaje parts are adorable ! aaaand hahaaa(; the part where they talked about junsu making yoochun cry makes me giggle(; nowadays its yoochun bullying junsu xD aahw! and and and the hyuksu thing !!! soo cuute how eunhyuk slapped a guy for junsu!! aaaaaahw <3

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