Sunday, August 05, 2007

Love In The Ice @ Soul Power

I just had to post this because I was totally blown away by the performance. Although its only Fancam which means the sound system sucks, its already enough to display the awesome vocals. Sorry to fans of Yunho, Jaejoong and Changmin, but this is a fancam of Junsu and Yoochun. If anyone wants to suggest some other links to post, do email me at or leave a comment! Enjoy the performance!! Its totally worth it..

Credits: sayaka92 @ youtube

Awesome eh?



Lina said...

the vid was OK but i felt apart from the "ha..ha..ha.." felt like they weren't really in tune. Sorry lar...probably my ears turned off but I was cringing at some parts..esp individual ones.

It's understandable though coz they've been working so friggin hard. SM Entertainment...Lee Soo-man sshi...!! GIVE THE BOYS A BREAK!!!

Jayce said...

It sounds very sweet and heart-aching. But I think I liked their live version at Soul Power better. It's a very beautiful song and I love that it shows off each of the boys' vocals.

Shu Chyi said...

junsu omg.. his voice is so bloody powerful aaaahhhh!!!

but hero couldn't hit the note tho. sounds like a semitone lower than what it's supposed to be.

DBSK Hwaiting!!!! ^^

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