Thursday, August 30, 2007

2nd Artist Book From TOHOSHINKI

BTW, I have a link to add. A preview clip of Shine and 2nd Artist Book.

[Promotional Video] a short clip of images of them in black & white suits from the next single "shine"/"ride on" (release date 9/19). these and the images in sweaters & plaid shirts from the "2nd artist book" (release date 9/11). i've pre-ordered both and can't wait!! esp. the new single. they all look so hot in the suits!

- video captured & edited by 3asian 黒猫
(btw, the music used by 3asian 黒猫 in the video is a "dead end" demo version ("get ya") by a dwb ( ). i had never heard of dwb before, but they're songwriters/ producers. i thought it was a cover at first, but dwb wrote it and gave to avex/thsk. the song suits thsk well as "dead end", so a nice choice!)
Credits: yoochunsa64 @ youtube

credits to soompi and bz

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