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S-magazine September Issue - DBSK's 3 Staffs Talk

Hidden Support 01. Stylist, London Pride head, Jung Bo Yoon

Is there a secret method to enhance each member's assets?
Junsu pays a lot of attention to his choreography moves. So we talk a lot about dances moves, and I try my best to prepare an outfit that isn't uncomfortable. He became a lot more manly and mature than before. These days he exercises so he wants to wear sleeveless shirts, and I dress him in sleeveless shirts often because he suits it. For Yunho, I pay a lot of attention to his shoulder line, so that his face doesn't look too small. Changmin has a very good figure to be even called "Model Shim" and suits all kinds of outfits. Before, I matched according to his maknae image, but now he has matured so there has been many changes. Jaejoong usually has a lot of interest in fashion. He prefers stylish clothes that have strong design, and likes the "Japan look" so likes to wears skinny clothes. Yoochun also has a lot of interest in fashion like Jaejoong, he has the sense to pick out the outfit he wants to wear. Also, Yoochun has a pretty collarbone so he shows a lot of neckline.

Which member is usually the most stylish?
All five members have many interest in fashion. Each have different taste, and has the amazing sense to coordi themselves. Most members prefer easy casual. Jaejoong likes the natural "Japan look" style, and Junsu likes semi-formal look. When the members have no time to go shopping due to their busy schedule, there are many times they purchase the outfits from sponsors. Sometimes we buy them clothes ourselves. They don't prefer expensive brand names so they use the Dongdaemoon bond, and buy things themselves too.

Which member had the biggest change in fashion from debut to now?
At first they were like male students, but now they're all manly and suits all kinds of style. Not only one but all of them have equally changed. When you see they even do these things together, DBSK's good teamwork is obvious. (laughs)

From the many outfits until now, which style suited them the most?
They're already good visuals so they suit everything well, to the point I feel lacking. Personally I think that "Rising Sun", "O", and "Hug" suited them well.

What do you think has made them what they are today?
DBSK doesn't forget to practice even after the schedule ends at 2~3a.m. They try their best. Also, their great teamwork is one of their strong points. Yunho does his part as a leader greatly, and the members follow the leader's opinions well.

Please say something that you've wanted to say to DBSK but haven't had the chance to
Health is always the most important issue. Whenever the members say, "Thank you for always taking care of us.", I am moved. I want to say that I'm thankful.

Hidden Support 02. Hair Stylist, the red carpet head, Kang Ho

Is there a hair method to enhance each member's assets?
All five members of DBSK suit all kinds of hairstyles. Whenever an album comes out, we choose the hairstyle to match the concept from a tentative plan. When the staffs that organize DBSK understand the concept well, I think a good style can be made. Rather than a style that others have done, we try to find a new style that hasn't been done. Actors sport the most natural hairstyles. But singers can make a splendid image that matches the concept. DBSK is a team that has its own strong color unlike other groups.

What does the members do while getting styled?
When there's a new album, they practice singing their own parts. When they have been doing activities for a while, they catch up on their sleep.

What hairstyle does each of the members prefer?
Yunho usually goes for straight rather than wavy hair to accent his sleek and sharp image. Jaejoong usually suits any hairstyle, and Yoochun is especially concerned about hair. So then he says his opinions often and recommends hairstyles for the other members. Changmin is currently growing his hair. It may be good if you look forward to Changmin's new look.

What do you think has made them what they are today?
They have currently risen to the top spot in Korea but their genuineness hasn't changed since the beginning. The way they always take care of each other makes their surroundings warm. It's not only one person that takes care but everyone takes care of each other. Currently I'm working with many artists, but these friends are the ones I've worked hard with since the beginning so I'm attached to them.

Please say something that you've wanted to say to DBSK but haven't had the chance to
I wish that the activites in Japan go well. I'm waiting for the day they succeed in Japan and have a world tour

Hidden Support 03. AtoZ dance team head, Shin Hyung Joon

How is the harmony with DBSK members?
DBSK members are the type that practice very hard, and it has been such a long time so even if we do a little bit, we are in sync.

How long is the practice period usually?
We would practice for about a month before broadcast, but DBSK has a lot of schedule so we practice very hard during the short time given. We practice twice as much as other teams (laughs). When we're spending all our time practicing other than meal times, we are concentrating greatly.

Which member does the choreography the best?
All five members have learned the basis of dance during trainee days, so there's no problem when it comes to choreographing. Junsu is the best at the given choreography, and Yunho is excellent in his individual skill.

Is there anything you always do before going on stage?
We shout "DongZ DongZ fighting!".

What do you think has made them what they are today?
DBSK hasn't changed since the beginning. Usually when you reach a high place, your actions and words change, but DBSK has no scatterings. I think how they always try their best, and how they care for the staffs has made them what they are today.

Please say something that you've wanted to say to DBSK but haven't had the chance to
Be healthy, let's do our best always.

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Translated by: jajaja@soompi

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