Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jaejoong is Most Gorgeous Male

TVXQ's JaeJoong beats Jerry Yan in Becoming the World's Most Gorgeous Male

Korean top idol group [TVXQ]'s member Hero JaeJoong was highly voted as the 'Most Gorgeous Male On Earth' by China's net-pal with his smooth skin and gorgeous looks, beating Jerry Yan from [Meteor Garden]. Another member of the group, U-Know YunHo came in third for the votings. It's no wonder TVXQ is being called the most good looking male group.

"The Most Gorgeous Male" voting campaign was being held in order to commemorate the lauching of [Meteor Garden 2] in China. The voting campaign started off on the 9th of July and lasted for a month. Earlier, the broadcasting station [Star World] in China had selected 80 gorgeous male artists recognised by the whole world to participate in the voting campaign, and JaeJoong had won 4180 thousand votes from the people in China as being the most gorgeous looking male.

There are some net-pal saying that, JaeJoong is the prettiest male on earth. There's also net-pal from Vietnam saying that JaeJoong is also recognised as the no.1 most gorgeous male in Vietnam. As for the Thai fans,"I've also voted my sacred vote for JaeJoong, Young Woong JaeJoong who is a male prettier than a female HWAITING!" (*NOTE:The fan didn't actually said hwaiting but I have no idea how I should translate that 'hwaiting' phrase in English " *)

TVXQ will be holding a concert in Taipei's ZhongSan Soccer Stadium on the 5th and 6th of October. The boys will also be arriving in Taiwan tomorrow to help promote their ticket. On the 23rd, they will be having a press conference in YuanDong Hotel. They are estimated to be having a "stamping" meeting (?) (*NOTE:no idea how I should translate it,but I think it's when the boys stamp their signature rather then signing them*) around 6pm at Taipei's International Convention Center's Conference Hall, there are sure to be interesting performances by the boys then.

SOURCE: Yahoo!Taiwan
Translator: Millie! from TVXQmate forum

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Anonymous said...

Woa! Alright JJ!

btw who are the others?

Anonymous said...

hehe I voted like 5 times for JJ~!!lol
am soo happy to see he got 1st place^^

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