Friday, August 31, 2007

Yunho's Top 10 Unforgettable Moments

1. 2004 DBSK got into a car accident. A sedan hit DBSK’s van, the driver was pronounced dead on the spot, the van was completely crushed, each member was hurt in different ways. Yunho’s neck was very injured.

2. 2005, Nov 18 to 19th, he was running schedules non stop. The minute the camera shuts down, he fainted.

3. 2006, before his concert, his wrist was injured, but he removed the cast for the sake of the performance, during the performance he was bleeding, but he kept on singing. After the performance his hand was completely swollen.

4. 2006, march, barely 20 years old, fainted due to dehydration. His stomach isn’t strong, members always stick little reminder notes in his pocket reminding him to eat. Whenever he was trying to care for other members, they would say “ you should be the one resting right now”.. they flew between Korea and Japan every week.

5. For the sake of having a better pitch when he sings and a better, more mature image, he got procelin veneers on his teeth, PV needs to be changed every 10 years, he has gone through numerous discomfort and pain after his procedure. May of 2006, because he was in such pain (his teeth), he was rushed to the hospital right after his performance one night. June, he experienced eve more pain because of it, he could barely eat, his face was so swollen he had to start wearing a mask

6. 2006, July. Concert in Malaysia, knowning his fans have waited forever for him, he gave a perfect performance that fooled everyone, no one could tell that he was trying all his might to hold the pain that was caused by dislocation of his ankles. He insisted on performing for his fans, he had to be carried out after the performance. That performance caused him to be away for one month so he can rest.

7. 2006, October, around 10pm. Something horrible happened, emergency room, different hospitals, cleaning and pumping out his stomach. The suspect has turned herself in. Yunho said “ she’s about my age, I have a sister, so I hope she will receive forgiveness. As for me. No worries. I’m fine. I’m sorry I’ve made you guys worry”

8. At an award ceremony, all the members were crying their eyes out, Yunho stayed strong, he held his tear in, he smiled, he kept thanking everyone, but backstage, he shed more tears than the rest of the members combined.

9. At another award ceremony, everyone could tell his eyes were watery and red, but once again, held in it. He bit his fingers.

10. The famous 18 continuous bow. After the MBC dance battle special, he was sick, but he held himself together for the show, backstage, he bowled to every single performer and crew members, the fans captured the total number of times he bowed. 18 times.

Credits:ILikeJelly@soompi & baidubar

ps:This is a fan cam of Yunho's famous 18 continuous bow


Jenn said...

Porcelain veneers hurt? How? Don't they just paste something over your teeth to make the teeth look even? ><;

Anyway, keep up the great work! I really enjoy reading these long blogs ^^; I'm sure others do too, don't be discouraged by the lack of comments! Keep us updated on our TVXQ babies' lives! <33 You guys are awesome =D

Ina said...

Wahhh, yunho is so strong!!! Being in such a career at such a young age must be so stressful for him >_< hope he keeps going strong! <33

Anonymous said...

UKNOW YUNHO!u can do it(: hope he takes care of his body!DBSK<3333

Anonymous said...

U-KNOW is the best.. i want him to be physically fit and always stay healthy and dont want him to be weak and i really want him to be strong and healthy.=DDDDDD Yunho is the best in the whole world...
Yunho is naturally handsome man in the world and God has given him a wonderful life and be happy with it..
I'm so touched that Yunho is willing to perform for the "Fans" even he's in his pain..Whaa!!i'm so touched..

RaiNcRaZe said...

his ankle was injured during the malaysian concert??? omg!!!!! i had no idea(1. ankle injury, 2.he was so tough!) i salute yunho! lately i've started to like him a whole lot! bit i wish i knew about the incident and i can rush to the hospital. oh well.. the thing is i wasn't really a big fan yet last year. but it's so true that he doesb't give a hint about his injury bcuz i saw the concert on youtube. i love yunho!!!

Anonymous said...

Afer read Yunho 10 things that had happened to him. I really wanna say that please do not use your body like this. It is not a machine. The most important things you health than money or else.

I will pray for you Yunho

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