Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Artist Photo of The Month - August

credits:bestiz+RoZe+Kpop Kingdom


Ladysu said...

Sexy~! I must say!! XD
But i have more...u want?

Lina said...

most recent post of their photos (*hotness*)...why does it saw TVXQF instead of TVFXQ??

DBSKer said...

Sure! Send it to my dbsker@gmail.com

I'll have it up asap. ^_^

Anonymous said...

smexy!!!, changmin need a new hair do!
my friend see this and she said : who is that girl (LOL)

Rai- Bali

Anonymous said...

wow love the new banner totally smexy!!!! love the new update!!

keep on the great works!!

you the best,

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