Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dong Bang Shin Ki requested to pretend being with their girlfriends, embarrassed

Korea's famous boyband, Dong Bang Shin Ki, visited Taiwan for the fourth time yesterday (Aug 23) to promote their "2007 TVXQ World Tour Concert '0' in Taipei" which will be held at Zhongshan football stadium on Oct 5 and 6. This is the first time that five of the boys will be interacting with the fans in such close proximity.

The boys revealed that for their Oct concert, the guest list will include Jang Ri In and Dong Hae of Super Junior. It is also revealed that they will be hanging from the steel wires and also will be driving mini cars to be in as close to the fans as possible.

Jaejoong said that during the rehearsal for the concert, when they were hanging from those steel wires in mid air, he nearly fell. Thinking on it, he feels a bit worried. But the boss said that it is very safe and asked him to be calm about it.

Junsu used simple Chinese to reveal that Micky is a cry baby at the end of the concert. Micky quickly explains that he's the type of guy who is very easily touched.

When asked if they will show off their bodies in the concert, they hesitated except for Changmin who has been working out thus having some muscles. As for the others, all they had been working on were just jogging and cycling.

Changmin continued on shyly saying that he's not even 20 years old yet. Junsu admitted that he really wanted to show off his body but once the stylist saw my body, the stylist kept adding clothe to my costume. This caused a row of laughter from the audience.

A stamp fanmeeting was held in Taipei International Convention Center was held in the evening. The fans lined up till night time because there's only 500 signed cards from the boys. This causes some dispute. Although only 500 fans were given the chance to received the 500 signed cards from the boys on stage, another 1200 fans were allowed to witness the whole session.

When the boys arrived, everyone started screaming for the boys. Everyone is excited and nervous. Their screams filled the whole convention center. The fans requested that the boys pretend to be like a kid in front of their girlfriends causing the five of them to feel a little embarrassed.

Changmin said that he'd always acted matured in front of his parents all these while. But five of them pulled a cute expression to satisfy the fans.

After the fanmeeting, the boys went to KIKI restaurant to have a taste of the spicy Szechuan dishes. Along the way, there were quite a number of fans who followed the car of the boys to the restaurant despite the rain. They flew back to Japan today at 8:55am on the CI100 flight to continue with their promotional activities there.

News: Tom.com
Translation: YingLing@AF

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