Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still Thinking??

Just a picture here courtesy of panis_angelics @ LJ, for those of you who still have not, or is not planning to get your own copy of All About DBSK Season 2. Have a look.. When they say a picture says a thousand words, I think enough is said from this picture below. Not to forget those gorgeous preview clips we've been getting. ARGH..


Btw, Forever Love PV is out! Watch it HERE while singing along to the lyrics and translations. Its also available for download in the archive in Media Downloads. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

may i ask hw can i buy it??i ordered it but how can i buy it?

Anonymous said...

all the place i've found online only have region 3 dvds...any idea how to get region 1?

Anonymous said...

gosh I want to get my hand on the DVD as well but had to be patience before it reach to Jakarta or Bali if there will be ever sold here, huaaaa T___T Lynn you made my heart cried this pic. BTW, did you had yours yet???


Anonymous said...

i wish i could get one. :(

Anonymous said...

hi, guys! caught my attention on this. ok, sorry we can't just ignore asking since this is a fresh post. bought the fitb and it only has jae's colorful pic enclosed in it. does this mean the jap version is enclosing only1 and any of the 5boys on the dvd they're selling? coz i'm hoping i'd get micky's *look at his pic, i could faint on this! my god! (was hoping you could post this on your individual images). pls?!!! i'll beg, guaranteed. thanks for the update, sweetie. -Reef64

gluzen said...

hey i have the same problem as someone who already posted here..
i live in canada which requires DVD region 1 and yesasia has region 3.. does anyone know where i can get it for region 1?

RaiNcRaZe said...

ok, for ppl who live in m'sia, the DVD is sold for RM220...*sooo expensive ^.^* but then again its definitely worth it cuz its 12hours long with 5DVDs in it and its english subbed.. so support original. F.Y.I, you can get this DVD from their official merchandize house, GBStargazer.. call 017-7091515 to buy. gud luck!

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