Friday, October 26, 2007

Popular pop group TVXQ to perform at Stadium Merdeka on Nov 24

PETALING JAYA: Popular boy band TVXQ (or TVfXQ) - the first Korean pop act to stage a concert here - returns. TVXQ is also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki, which literally translates to Gods Rising from the East. The members comprise Hero, 21 (real name Kim Jae-joong), U-Know, 21 (Jung Yun-ho), Micky, 21 (Park Yoo-chun), Xiah, 20 (Kim Jun-su) and Max, 19 (Shim Chang Min).

U-Know said they were happy to be back here in Malaysia. “It was really amazing last year when we saw so many of our Malaysian fans. We did not know we have such a huge following here. The fans are the only reason for our return,” he said in a press conference. Glad to be back: (From left) Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max and U-Know at the press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. U-Know also mentioned Malaysian girls were very pretty. When asked about the upcoming concert, Xiah said it would be a colourful showcase with multiple stage themes and a lot of wire actions. “There is a possibility we may shoot a music video here. This country has many beautiful islands and mountains,” he said.

According to organiser CMG Absolute co-founder Adrian Wong, the concert would be much better than last year’s. “From dance choreography, stage production to the entire showmanship, it is definitely going to be a blast. Fans can also expect to see a huge aquarium on stage during the show. “The boys will be swimming and performing in the human aquarium. It is definitely something very new,” he told The Star.

After KL, TVXQ will perform in Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing. The concert will be held at Stadium Merdeka on Nov 24. Tickets are priced at RM500, RM420, RM320, RM280, and RM100.

Credits: Soompi


Anonymous said...

Erm, I dun think they're coming Singapore. Rite?!? If they're coming den I'll be so ready to wait at the airport alr! Anyone? Tell me if they're coming...

Anonymous said...

im surprised there's a mention of Singapore here... cause i know they are not coming here at all.. T_T

DBSKer said...

Yeah.. I think the newspaper messed it up. I was surprised when I read it too..

Anonymous said...

why would'0nt they come to Singapore? Can somebody tell me why they won't come to Singapore? I really want them to come here!!

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