Saturday, October 27, 2007

Uknow Yunho, Fights Injury... DBSK Concert Success

At the encore concert, DBSK members kept their promise with their fans and became one on stage, and made the audience of 11,000 people go wild.

Uknow Yunho said on stage, "Even though I can't show a powerful performance on stage because of my injury, I thought that I needed to be one with all the fans at this concert. The members also encouraged me to go together without being excessive, so I went on stage like this. I will show my best so please cheer me on", and received an applause from the audience.

SNSD also went on stage to congratulate DBSK's concert this day. They gave a congratulatory message saying, "We congratulate our sunbaes' encore concert and we're very happy that we got to come to our respected sunbaes' concert".

To this, DBSK responded, "You must be busy receiving much love, but thank you for coming here to congratulate us. We think that SNSD will gain even more popularity, as they are hoobaes that try very hard. Please support them as well". 'The 2nd ASIA YOUR CONCERT "O"' is planned to continue to the 28th.



Anonymous said...

thanks u lynn for the news...
u-know yunho hwaiting!
get well soon!!!
DBSK saranghae!

Anonymous said...

Dear all: Did you guys see how thin they are??? It's so sad... I mean, gosh ~ they're working like slaves!

Kelley said...

:(( you know Jaejoong got hurt too x( he fell into those hole thingys on stage, you know those trap door things? the ones where people come out on stage with! omg i was so sad to hear that they both got hurt during this concert i hope they get well soon!

DBSKer said...

Yeah.. I saw the clip. Poor Joongie. Hope they'll be alright.. Its been a really unfortunate time for them. DBSK HWAITING! Thanks for commenting. ^_^

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