Saturday, October 06, 2007

Taiwan Concert update.

Some news from Taiwan..

South Korea band DBSK held their first concert in Taiwan yesterday due to the typhoon, it challenged dbsk their ability to dance and sing under strong winds and continuous rain.

DBSK knew they had to perform in the rain, they made their way to the stadium for rehearsals at 10.30 am, and during the actual concert, there are incidents of members slipping and even hats getting blown away. However, this didn’t dampen the fans spirit, and got their screaming even louder. Before the concert ended, Taipei was announced to stop all activities including school and work, due to safety reasons, the second concert will be cancelled.

The concert tour started in Korea in February this year, the first stop overseas is Taiwan. The theme for the concert is anti-war, the stage is set such that dbsk will come down hanging from a height of 17 m, and together with the effects, the will enact the scene of “hero saving the beauty” (sorry this is translated so literally, because I cant think of any phrase to translate this Chinese phrase but well, you get the meaning.) The audiences were in awe and as the producers were afraid of any accidents happening due to the typhoon, they were insured a total of 90 million NT.

When the concert started, the rain and wind was not strong, after a few songs and dance, the members greeted the fans in Chinese, but it started pouring again after that. When micky was performing his solo item, his hat was blown away as a strong gust of wind came along, and fans below the stage were trying to make a grab for it.

After “You only love, the rain started to get heavier but the fans got even more enthusiastic. When singing “O” 30 dancers clad in army costume came out with large flags for the dance. But due to the strong winds, the flags either couldn’t be opened or almost got blown away. The members slipped a few times, Yunho and Jaejoong made good use of the situation and started sliding around on stage.

During "balloons" DBSK emerged with their cute little cars, but yunho and micky's car stalled, and they looked at each other helplessly with a cute look. The members ran around the whole stage, changing into a total of 14 costumes and sang 24 songs, some fans were even so excited that they had to be send to the first aid tent after fainting due to lack of oxygen.

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Credits: hundredhide @ DBSG Comm LJ



Anonymous said...

DBSK hwaiting!
wish the boys in good health always.. man, they are just amazing..
thank u lynn for sharing this news!

peeyuh said...

How devoted and professional can these guys get?

"some fans were even so excited that they had to be send to the first aid tent after fainting due to lack of oxygen."

LOL. ^_^ I'd probably be one of them if I was there. Haha. Or have a high-grade fever after.. because of the rain AND the boys. xD

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